Shinji Ohmaki Solo Exhibition

Shinji Ohmaki Solo Exhibition "SUIKYO" in Suikyo Hita Art Cultural Festival 2018, Oita


Shinji Ohmaki's solo show Suikoy is now on view in collaboration with National Culture and Art Festival Oita 2018.
The location is surrounded by beautiful mountain and water streams and called as Suikyo Hita. The artist carried out the area study strolling about the town to generate a new site-specific work inspired with the history or culture that the area has fostered.
The subject is the "Forest of Water" reflecting the Suikyo or the title of the exhibit, which is unique to the Ohmaki's art.

In AOSE multi-purposed hall, one can appreciate the renowned Liminal Air and that of a new version. The series appeared in many sites in and outside of Japan and attract attention for further development in near future.

Also to be visited is a traditional Japanese restaurant "Bonchi" since 1933. The artist transformed the whole building, abandoned for years to create a new installation.

For available works of Ohmaki, please visit artist page of Art Front Gallery: Click here

■Solo show of Shinji Ohmaki Suikyo
date: October 6-November 25, 2018
hour: 9:00-17:00
Venue: AOSE Hita City Complex of cultures (395-1 Kamijonaimachi, Hita, Ōita Prefecture), ex-restaurant Bonchi(3-17 Kizanmachi, Hita, Ōita Prefecture)
Admssion : free
Website(JP) :

(image: 「Liminal Air Space-Time」2013)