Rina Tanaka : Sequences
Shower Climbing, 2017   1620 × 1303 mm acrylic, pastel, crystal powder, pencil, ceramics balloon on canvas

  • 田中里奈 - シークエンス

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Rina Tanaka : Sequences

2018. Jun. 15 (Fri) - Jul. 1 (Sun)

Art Front Gallery is pleased to announce Rina Tanaka's solo exhibition.
Date 2018. Jun. 15 (Fri) - Jul. 1 (Sun)
Hours 11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Mondays)
Reception 2018. Jun. 15 (Fri) 18:00-20:00
Artist will be at the site 6. 30(Sat)、7. 1(Sun) From noon

Waterfall, childhood /2015−2018 / 1100×1100 mm / acrylic, salt, oil on canvas

How far is the originality left as a possibility in the field of Arts? Living today in the world of internet, we are able to see and know all various works based on different tendencies in the history of art all together. For artists who are working based on square canvas format must have started their career based on canvas format, the condition must be difficult to overcome with the real originality, as imagination and creativity themselves are based on what we were able to find and learn in the history. At the same time, viewers as well are reading the work restricted in their knowledge.
Reflecting the reason why I was attracted to this new artist, Rina Tanaka (b.1990), and considered of having found gemstone was that the artist seemed to be taking an advantage of the condition of this period and using it as a method, or even like a painting material in her paintings. In her works, we are able to find easily, traces of influeces from the master artists in Japanese Rimpa school. At the same time, seeing her works, we may find the artist putting more priority on what she has already known compared to what she actually saw. Her works were impressivily fresh to me by her attitude to use her knowledge, the way she reassembled and recomposed the world on a canvas like creating puzze, or weaving a new tapestry, based on a landscape she has actually experienced. Her work inspired by garden at Hogon-in, Tenryu-ji temple in Kyoto may be an example of such integration. And especially, as the knowledge she has been using were not rather doctrine inherited by artschool, but updated information she is able to get within her common life, I was able to feel more updating possibility of the artist to change herself within this period of time. She may still be a gemstone. But the artist may able to receive more viewers to her works.
This exhibition plan started initially from redoing her past works based on her updated intuition. Therefore the exhibition consists of her retouched old works and new works. As the exhibition title explains, the landscapes she is depicting is a result of her understanding of what she saw within a sequence, and they at the same time show “this moment” of her incessant sequences, an attitude to update understand of the world.
Toshio Kondo, Art Front Gallery

The installation view of "Arts Challenge 2015".


1990 Born in Aichi, Japan
2011 Studied at University of Brighton / UK
2012 BFA, Nagoya University of the Arts / Aichi, Japan
2017 Awarded 28th Aigin Education & Culture Foundation

■Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 “TWS-Emerging2016” TWS Shibuya / Tokyo
2013 “Another World” Gallery Valeur / Aichi, Japan

■Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 “Promenade Time and Space: in Search of Invisible Scenery “ Okazaki Cibico / Aichi, Japan
2016 “Tokyo wander seeds 2016” TWS Shibuya / Tokyo
   “Summer Showcase 2016 Nagoya” Galerie En / Aichi, Japan
   “The Next: 10 Artists who Create the Next Generation” Denki Bunka Kaikan / Aichi, Japan
   “Stimulating Program for Young Artists: Motion #3” Citizen Gallery Yada / Aichi, Japan
2015 “Arts Challenge 2015” Aichi Arts Center / Aichi, Japan
   “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo / Tokyo
2012 “Multifaceted Simplicity” Voice Gallery pfs/w / Kyoto, Japan
   “Voice” Art Lab Aichi / Aichi, Japan
   “Miniature: Raku “ Gallery Ga-Raku / Aichi, Japan
2011 “Various Speeds” Voice Gallery pfs/w / Kyoto, Japan