Blooming charm of the materials; Sings of Spring

  • 素材之花 -春への兆し-

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Blooming charm of the materials; Sings of Spring

2021. Jan. 13 (Wed.) – 31 (Sun.)

ART FRONT GALLERY is pleased to announce the group show “Blooming charm of the materials; Signs of Spring”. We invited 9 artists who work on various materials such as bamboo, ceramic, Japanese lacquer, glass, iron and acrylic. Their untiring challenges to the materials, technically and as an expression, may give one a glimpse of cutting-edge in relation with texture of art. Please enjoy the bold yet delicate expressions of the artists from upcoming to the international prestige.

茂田真史 Masafumi Shigeta(ceramic)
杉浦功悦 Noriyoshi Sugiura(bamboo)
鍾 雯婷 Chung Wen-Ting(porcelain)
靏林舞美 Maimi Tsurubayashi(glass)
土岐謙次 Kenji Toki(urushi)
古井彩夏 Ayaka Furui(iron)
三木瑛子 Eiko Miki(metal)
山本努 Tsutomu Yamamoto(MDF and others)
Date 2021. Jan. 13 (Wed.) – 31 (Sun.)
Hours Wed. - Fri. 12:00 - 19:00 / Sat. Sun. 11:00 - 17:00
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

茂田真史 Masafumi Shigeta(ceramic)

Masafumi Shigeta was born in 1985 in Chiba prefecture, Japan. He studied ceramics at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. He won the Ikuo Hirayama Award in 2006 and was selected for the Kikuchi Biennale held at the Musée Tomo in 2011. Since then, he has been attracted to public attention. The motifs of his ceramic works are mineral crystals and rocks that have existed over many years.

時の偶像 Statue of the time / ceramic

■ Biography
1985 Born in Chiba prefecture, Japan
2009 BFA, Crafts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2011 MFA, Crafts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2011-2015 Adjunct Education and Research Assistant,
Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Art Education
2018~ Adjunct Instructor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Ceramics & Glass, Department of Crafts

■ Selected Exhibitions
2011 International Society of Ceramic Art Education and Exchange
Exhibition, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts,
2013 “Romanian glass and New Japanese Art”, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
2014 “KISS THE HEART #3” Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. presents Art and
Charity program for East Japan Reconstruction Support
2014 Special Exhibition “Contemporary Ceramic Art Phenomenon”,
Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Japan
2015 Shigeta Masafumi Ceramic Exhibition “Eternal matter”,
Mitsukoshi department store Nihombashi Main Store, Tokyo, Japan
2018 Shigeta Masafumi Ceramic Exhibition “CRYSTALLIZE”,
Sogo department store, Chiba, Japan
2018 The 6th International Tea Culture Exchange Exhibition
The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts
2019 “time crossing” 4th Exhibition, Kochukyo gallery, Tokyo, Japan
(Held every year since 2016)

■ Awards
2006 Ikuo Hirayama Award
2010 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition
Special Award at The 7th International Muammer Caki Ceramic Competition, Turkey
2011 4th Kikuchi Biennale

杉浦功悦 Noriyoshi Sugiura(bamboo)

Noriyoshi Sugiura was born in 1964 in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the school of engineering, Osaka University, he was fascinated by the bamboo crafts in Beppu, and lead himself to learn traditional bamboo techniques. He has exhibited at various public exhibitions such as the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition and received numbers of awards. His works are in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston(USA), National Gallery of Victoria(Australia), etc., and also exhibited in group exhibitions overseas. He is making efforts to make the field of bamboo crafts recognized as one of the international artistic expressions.

輪舞 dance in circle / bamboo

■ Biography
1964 Born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
1988 Graduated from department of metallic materials engineering, school of engineering, Osaka University
1997 Learned bamboo art at Beppu college of technology industrial crafts laboratory
2003 Learned the technique of knitting nets by Chikusei Watanabe
2005 Learned the technique of long thin bamboo sticks by Chikuhousai Okazaki

■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
2007 Solo Exhibition / Odori Museum (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
2010 Solo Exhibition / Odori Museum (Sapporo, Hokkaido), Anjo City Hall (Aichi)
2013 "Noriyoshi Sugiura Bamboo Crafts Exhibition-1997-Current Development of Shuhari(1)," / Beppu City Central Public Hall Gallery (Oita), Anjo City Hall (Aichi), Odori Museum (Hokkaido), Nakacho Konishi (Tokyo)
(1)”Shuhari” means three stages of mastery: the fundamentals, breaking with tradition, creating one’s own techniques.

■ Selected Group Exhibitions
2004 His first acceptance at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (also in 2007, 2011, 2012, 2017)
2013 "Modern Twist-Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art-" Touring Exhibition in the United States / (USA)
2013 "The Audacious Eye" Exhibition / Minneapolis Institute of Art (USA)
2013 "Fired Earth, Woven bamboo" Exhibition /The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (USA)
2016 "Bamboo, tradition in contemporary form" exhibition / The National Gallery of Victoria (Australia)
2016 "The Second Present of Crafts" Exhibition / Tomo museum of art(Tokyo)
2017 "SOFA CHICAGO, SELECTS" the work was selected / (Chicago)
2018 "Exposition Fendre I'air, L'art du bamboo japonais" Exhibition / Quai Branly Museum (France)
2020 "Masterpieces of Bamboo Art" Exhibition / Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fin Arts (Tochigi)

■ Awards
2004 Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition / Selected (2007, 2011, 2012, 2017)
2007 Western Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition / Prize (2016, 2019)
2011 National Bamboo Art Exhibition / Jury Special Award
2012 National Bamboo Art Exhibition / Excellence Award (Tochigi Governor's Award)
2012 Anjo Exhibition / Anjo City Council Chairman's Award (hereinafter 2014 (Anjo Mayor's Award))
2012 Bamboo Design Competition / Grand Prize
2015 National Bamboo Art Exhibition / Grand Prize (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award) (2016)
2017 National Bamboo Art Exhibition / Design Award
2019 54th Western Art Crafts Exhibition / Nishinippon Shimbun Award

鍾 雯婷 Chung Wen-Ting(ceramic)

Chung, Wen-Ting was born in 1984 in Taiwan. After majoring in ceramics at Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan, she came to Japan and completed her study at the Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo (crafts studio) in Kanazawa, and doctoral study at Tokyo University of the Arts. Using the technique of varnish resist, she creates porcelain works with relief patterns of plants under the theme of the scenery of the four seasons. She received numbers of awards, and her works are also in the collection of Yingge Ceramics Museum and the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.

銀柳 / porcelain

■ Biography
1984 Born in Taiwan
2009 Exchange Study at University of South Carolina (USC)
2011 MFA in Ceramics, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan
2011 Came to Japan
2014 Completed study at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Crafts Studio
2017 Ph.D., Ceramics, Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Craft

■ Selected Exhibitions
2009 Solo exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting -Ephemeral Feathers (USA)
2010 Solo exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting -盛裝Dressing up (Taiwan)
2013 Solo exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting -冰肌玉惚Ice skin ball, ecstasy (Kanazawa)
2015 Solo exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting -薄光Faint light (Tokyo)
2017 Solo exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting -恋果物語Love Fruit Story (Tokyo, Taiwan)
2017 Ceramics exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting (Osaka)
2017 Solo exhibition of Chung, Wen-Ting -白華の詩,Poem of the efflorescence (Kanazawa)
2018万葉. 類語Manyo / Synonyms (Taiwan)
2018氷菓The fruits ice (Tokyo)
2019暮光Twilight (Kanazawa)

■ Awards
2009 Grand prize, The 5th Taiwan Ceramics Gold Awards, Yingge Ceramics Museum Taiwan
2011 Selected work, The 16th Ishikawa Contemporary Craft, Ishikawa Japan
2012 NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation award, Kanazawa City Craft Show, Ishikawa Japan
2012 Hokuriku Broadcasting Corporation award, The 17th Ishikawa Contemporary Craft, Japan
2012 Excellent work, JCDA craft competition, Japan
2012 Silver prize, Taipei Ceramics Awards, Yingge Ceramics Museum Taiwan, Taiwan
2013 Grand prize, Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Biennale, Taiwan
2014 Selected work, TALENTE 2014, Germany
2016 Bronze prize, Taiwan Gold Teapot Prize
2017 Silver prize, JCDA craft competition, Japan

靏林舞美 Maimi Tsurubayashi(glass)

Maimi Tsurubayashi was born in Aichi prefecture, Japan. She learned the basics of the glass crafts at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute and has been energetically producing the artworks in her atelier since 2018. She pursues the beauty of the unique colors, transparency, and brilliance of the glass by blending colored glass, free blowing, cutting, and polishing by hand. The unique color scheme of her works reminiscent of the rainbow and the modeling by the cutting technique attracts great attention.

光の彩 Color of the light / glass

■ Biography
1977 Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
2003 Worked in Kurokabe corporation
2008 Technical Trainee at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Kanazawa Art Creation Foundation
2012 Glass Specialist at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Kanazawa Art Creation Foundation
2014 Joined overseas training program "CRISTALLERIE ROYALE DE CHAMPAGNE" in France
2018 Started production in her atelier

■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
2019 Solo exhibition / atelier & gallery creava (Ishikawa)
2019 Solo exhibition / Sabo Misho (Ishikawa)

■ Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 "Wan" Exhibition / atelier & gallery creava (Ishikawa)
2019 "Crafts x Fashion x Kanazawa" / Hanshin Umeda Main Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
2019 "Bowls for Sake and Tea in Summer " / Gallery Tachibana (Nara)
2019 “Unusual thing vol.2'' / Isetan Shinjuku (Tokyo)
2019 "Summer bowls" Exhibition / Nihonbashi Takashimaya Shopping Center Arts and Crafts Salon (Tokyo)
2019 “Unusual Things II'' / Shinjuku Isetan Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2019 "Glass to be fascinated" / Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (Tokyo)
2019 Kanazawa 21st Century Kogei Festival "Kogei Kairo(Craft Corridor)" / Syami (Ishikawa)
2019 “material box'' / atelier & gallery creava (Ishikawa)
2019 "Contemporary Glass Crafts by 7 People" Exhibition / Gallery-AMISU (Shiga)
2019 " KOGEI quintet, beyond the function, beyond the beauty" / Ginza no Kanazawa (Tokyo)
2019 “Light-by-light'' / Fu-Guei Art & Culture (Taiwan)
2019 "Sake cup" Exhibition / Gallery Hiro (Osaka)

■ Awards
2009 Tokyo Dome Tableware Award Original Design Category / Honorable Mention
2009 Craft City Takaoka Craft Exhibition / Consumer Award
2010 Kanazawa Art Creation Foundation Utatsuyama Crafts Studio Trainee Works Exhibition / Utatsuyama Crafts Studio Award
2010 Craft City Takaoka Craft Exhibition / Encouragement Award
2015 World Craft Competition Kanazawa 2015 ~ Time and Space for Tea
~ / Technique Award
2017 Tokyo Dome Tableware Award, Original Design Category / Grand Prize・Tokyo Governor Award
2018 Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition / Kanazawa Mayor Encouragement Award

土岐謙次 Kenji Toki(urushi)

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1969. Lives and works in Miyagi, Japan, Ph.D Kyoto City University of Arts Dept. of Industrial Craft Design, Toki has been working as a contemporary craft practitioner exploring representation of Urushi (Japanese lacquer) and exhibiting internationally since 1995. He is undertaking the research into digital fabrication and how these techniques can be applied and utilized within craft, art, jewelry, and furniture practice, especially in relation to URUSHI work. Dean of Faculty of Value Creative Design, Miyagi University.

七宝紋胎乾漆透器朱溜流氷紋 Linked Oval Vessels/ urushi, hemp
This series of works is made of particles being cut out from Kanshitsu plate by laser-cutter and linked to each other by tiny acrylic custom-made rivets to make a shape. The shape is designed by a generative design environment (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper) and is representing the esthetic of a pattern of linked ovals that is found on the surface of artificial traditional products in anywhere in the world.

1969 Born in Kyoto, Japan
1994 Kyoto City University of Arts Japanese Lacquer section, Dept. of Craft, BA
1996 Kyoto City University of Arts Japanese Lacquer section, Dept. of Craft, MA
2002~2004 The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College/UK Dept. of Three-Dimensional Design, Research Fellow
2005~ Miyagi University
2013 Kyoto City University of Arts Dept. of Industrial Craft Design, Ph.D
2019 Professor of Miyagi University, Faculty of Value Creative Design.

■Selected Solo Exhibitions
2002 INAX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Art Space Niji, Kyoto, Japan
2012 Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano, Japan

■Selected Group Exhibitions
2008 “Origin The London Craft”, Somerset House, Lodon, UK
2017 INTERNATIONAL HOKURIKU KOGEI SUMMIT “WORLDS KOGEI (artisan crafts) 100” Exhibition, Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design
2018 “Japon – Japonismes. Objets inspirés, 1867-2018”, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France

■Public Collections
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria & Albert Museum, Canadian Museum of History


TOKITOKOLO is an artist’s unit by Kenji Toki (Urushi practitioner) and Asao Tokolo (artist). With the concept of "Delivering the work to the 1000 years ahead future", they explore the possibilities of pattern motif by the Urushi (Japanese lacquer).

Asao Tokolo was Born in Tokyo in 1969. Studied architecture from an early age under Shin Egashira. Since September 11, 2001, he has been creating patterns with the theme of "connecting” and continues to work in the boundary area of art, architecture, and design. Based on simple geometrical principles, he creates crests and patterns that can be drawn with a ruler or compass, and designs and creates three-dimensional objects using the same principles. Major works include lower facade glass pattern for Dai Nagoya Building, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games emblems, exterior artwork for Otemachi Park Building. Lecturer at University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, and at University of Tokyo, College of Art and Sciences. Now a visiting professor at Miyagi University.

土岐野老組市松紋様乾漆珠玉 Gem of Check pattern set by TOKITOKOLO, Kanshitsu / urushi, hemp

2014 TOKITOKOLO established.

■Selected Exhibitions
2015 “Measuring - This much, That much, How much?”, 21_21 DESIGN SITE, Tokyo, Japan
2016 “Liquid to Solid”, AXIS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2017 “Asao Tokolo CONNECT”, TIERS, Tokyo, Japan

古井彩夏 Ayaka Furui(iron)

Ayaka Furui was born in 1988 in Tokyo, Japan. After the graduation of the three-dimensional art research course at Joshibi University of Art and Design, she won the grand prize at the Kanagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition in 2011. While teaching as a part-time lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design, she is exhibiting numbers of solo and group exhibitions and is energetically presenting her works. She creates organic forms by repeating rhythm and along with the lightness that contradicts the image of iron and stainless steel.

亜熱帯/ iron

■ Biography
1988 Born in Tokyo
2011 Graduated the department of three-dimensional Art, Joshibi University of Art and Design
2013 Completed the three-dimensional Art Research Area, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Joshibi University of Art and Design
Currently a part-time lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design

■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012 "Ayaka Furui Exhibition" Gallery Natsuka (Tokyo)
2014 "Viewpoint for the New Generation 2014 Ayaka Furui Exhibition" Gallery Natsuka (Tokyo)
2015 "Ayaka Furui Exhibition" / Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts (Okinawa)
2018 "Art selection vol.9 Ayaka Furui Sculpture Exhibition" CAMP TALGANIE artistic farm (Okinawa)
2019 "Ayaka Furui Exhibition'' Gallery Natsuka (Tokyo)

■ Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 "47th Kanagawa Art Exhibition" / Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery, Atsugi Civic Center (Kanagawa)
2011 "21st Kanazawa Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition" / Kanazawa City Hall (Ishikawa)
2016 " NOVA IN JOSHIBI " / Joshibi University of Art and Design Art Museum (Kanagawa)
2016 "Toba Art Exhibition" / Toba Citizen's Forest Park (Mie)
2017 "Six Crossings" / Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (Kanagawa)
2018 "JOSHIBI METAL WORKS 2018" / Tennozu Central Tower Art Hall (Tokyo)
2019 "Seoul Art Expo 2019" / Kangnam Coex Hall (Seoul)
2019 "ART SESSION TSUKUBA 2019 Magnetic Field-Local" / Tsukubayama nanrei (Ibaraki)
2019 "Sculpture 5・7・5" / Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Library and Arts Museum, Urasoe Art Museum (Okinawa)

■ Awards
2011 Joshibi University of Art and Design Museum Award
2011 "47th Kanagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition Grand Prize"

三木瑛子 Eiko Miki(metal)

Eiko Miki was born in 1986 in Chiba prefecture, Japan. She studied metalworking and molding art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, and is currently active as an artist. She is interested in the free shaping of metal and expresses it by combining different materials such as a thread or a felt onto the metal. With the theme of the diversity of the world, nature, and human being, she questions what the true richness is through her works.

Segment/ copper

■ Biography
1986 Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
2012 Graduated Metal Hammering course, Department of Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2013-14 Studied at Halle Burg Giebichenstein Jewelery Class, Germany
2015 Completed Metal Hammering course, the Department of Crafts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
2019 "Eiko Miki-In the middle of the journey-" Gallery ARCOT, Museo Casa Grau (Bogota)
2019 "Eiko Miki-Singing to the Sun-" galerieH (Tokyo)
2020 "Eiko Miki-Our First Meditation-" / galerieH (Tokyo)

■ Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 "Street! 2013" / Break Station Gallery at Ueno Station (Tokyo)
2016 "The Unexpected Character of Ordinary Metal" / Gallery 5610 (Tokyo)
2018 "Mitsukoshi x Tokyo Art University summer art festival" / Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store (Tokyo)
2019 "Souzo no Niwa(1) Minowa Makai Miki Eiko Two-person Exhibition" / Plaza North Art Gallery (Saitama)
2019 "10th Hoshiryo Art Exhibition" / Hotel Chinzanso Art Gallery (Tokyo)
(1) “Souzo no Niwa” means the garden where is created while thinking.

■ Awards
2012 Harada Award

山本努 Tsutomu Yamamoto(MDF and others)

Born in Okayama prefecture in 1980. After graduating from the Department of Inter-media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts, he has been invited to participate in numbers of solo and group exhibitions, including The Vision of Contemporary Art (The Ueno Royal Museum) in 2020. He creates art based on the process of capturing natural phenomena with fluctuation such as light, shadows, waves, or the connections between human beings. He pursues the reality in the present world where the technology is advancing, and the environment is transforming.

line5/ PU paint、XPS

■ Biography
1980 Born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan
2009 Graduated from the Department of Inter-media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts, with a master’s degree

■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 ”10days Selection”, INAX:GINZA 2F / Tokyo
2009 ”DICE PROJECT005 -cloud”, magical, ARTROOM / Tokyo
2016 ”Waving Forms”, CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY / Tokyo
2016 “divided wave”, BLOCK HOUSE / Tokyo
    “divided wave”, TS4312 / Tokyo
2020 ”sequence”, HARUKAITO by Island / Tokyo
    “sequence -line-“, TS4312 / Tokyo
Upcoming exhibition: “宵のサロン・水面の反射” ,Jhall of Okayama University / Okayama

■ Selected Group Exhibitions
2005 ”INDEX#1 making worlds”, art project room kyoto ARTZONE / Kyoto
2005 ”ARTBEAT KYOTO 2005”, former Rissei Primary School / Kyoto
2005 ”Tokyo Wonderwall”, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo / Tokyo
2006 ” The international Art exhibition commemorating hongik university's 60th anniversary”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hongik University / Korea
2006 ”mesoscopic”, gallery RAKU / Kyoto
2007 ” INTO THE CHAOS”, art project room kyoto ARTZONE / Kyoto
2007 ” Toride Art Project” / Ibaraki
2007 ”AMUSE ART JAM”, The Museum of Kyoto / Kyoto
2008 ”Graduation Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts”, BankART Studio NYK / Yokohama
2009 ”FRESHselection”, art project room kyoto ARTZONE / Kyoto
2009 ”101 DICCOVERIES”, 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair / Tokyo
2009 ”ART AWARDTOKYO”, Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery / Tokyo
2009 ”FRESH SELECTION #2”, Painting Building 808 in Ueno campus of Tokyo University of the Art, art center Ongoing / Tokyo
2009 ”ULTRA002”, Emerging directors' art fair / Tokyo
2009 ”Toride Art Project”, FAV / Ibaraki
2010 ”NEW WORLD”, island / Chiba)
2010 ”right here,right now”, art project room kyoto ARTZONE / Kyoto
2010 ”deta and vision”, AKIgallery / Taipei
2010 ”artfair”, aura gallery / Beijin
2010 ”Art in art”, gallery RAK / Kyoto
2010 ”CIRCLE2”, Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts Satellite Gallery / Nagoya
2011 ”G|tokyo”, Mori Arts Center Gallery / Tokyo
2011 ”Trans-plex2011”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts / Taiwan
2011 ”2次元と3 次元のあいだ”, art projectroom kyoto ARTZONE / Kyoto
2011 ”ART Taipei2011”, Taipei world trade center / Taipei
2013 ”I Prize”, Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza / Okayama
2014 ”Recent Works”, island / Tokyo
2014 ”Contemporary Beirut”, ARTHEUM / Lebanon
2014 ”Shop ART walk @TDW2014”, SLEEP SELECTAOYAMA / Tokyo
2014 ” Power of a painting”, Monkey gallery / Tokyo
2014 ”Duet Exhibition”, TS4312 / Tokyo
2014 ”Paintings by 25 artists”, Gallery Hill Gate / Kyoto
2014 ”Shibuya Style”, Shibuya Seibu / Tokyo
2015 ”Paintings by 25 artists”, Gallery Hill Gate / Kyoto
2015 ”3331ART FAIR2015”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda / Tokyo
2016 ”TAMA VIVANT Ⅱ”, Tama Art University / Tokyo
2016 ”Paintings by 25 artists”, Gallery Hill Gate / Kyoto
2016 ”TRANS ART TOKYO 2016”, YONEMURA / Tokyo
2018 ”ART FAIR TOKYO”, Tokyo International Forum / Tokyo
2019 ”目の目 手の目 心の目 part2”, Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art / Okayama
2019 ”おうちの中のちいさな展覧会”, OHK Housing / Okayama
2019 ”小品展”, TS4312 / Tokyo
2020 ”VOCA2020”, The Ueno Royal Museum / Tokyo