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Pick up Artworks : Exhibition "Spring Blossoms: Pop and Modern "


Kasumi Ueba "Chimera Evolution(dog)”photo by Takeru Korota

Kasumi Ueba (Ceramic)

born in Kyoto, 1978. Ueba integrates Japanese traditional decorative motifs such as interlocking circles or hexagonal pattern onto ceramic works, generating “chimera” of body and color with stories. Her work, inspired with yuzen-dyed fabrics or traditional objects, can be both pop and contemporary.

Kasumi Ueba "Chimera Evolution(elephant)”photo by Takeru Korota / photo by Takeru Korota

Kasumi Ueba "Chimera Evolution(detail)”photo by Takeru Korota

Yoshihiro Miura "Monkey 3" / 50.0 x 40.0 x 40.0cm / ceramic

Yoshihiro Miura(Ceramic)

born in Oita, 1987. Miura produces ceramic works with deformed characteristic of animals and birds. Humorous round appearance together with archaic form associated with ancient image of animals are overlapped with geometrical forms.

Yoshihiro Miura "Monkey 3" / 30.0 x 18.0 x 8.0cm / ceramic

Satoko Ootsuki "mushroom umbrella" / porcelain (new bone)

Satoko Ootsuki(Ceramic)

born in Kanagawa, 1979. Ootsuki develops fine reliefs on the surface of wheel-made body in ceramic, porcelain and new born. Pastel color is her credit associated with sweets, recently added by black spots to her color palette, contributing her aim of creation of natural lives.

Satoko Ootsuki "Closet" / 40.0 x 21.0 x 21.0cm / porcelain (new bone)

Satoko Ootsuki "mushroom umbrella" / porcelain (new bone)

Spring Blossoms: Pop and Modern
2019. Mar. 29 (Fri) - Apr. 28 (Sun)
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・Hiroshi Kaneyasu(Japanese lacquer)
・Asaho Kamiya(Ceramic)
・Ayako Kuno(Brass / Bronze)
・Yoshihiro Miura(Ceramic)
・Shinta Nakajima(Copper, Silver plated)
・Satoko Ootsuki(Porcelain)
・Takuro Tamura(Resin)
・Midori Tsukada(Glass)
・Kasumi Ueba (Ceramic)
・Tsuyoshi Ueda(Bronze)
・Hiroki Uemura(Glass)
・Masao Ueno(bamboo)
・Shohei Yokoyama(Glass)