Pick up Artist :Oku-Noto triennale 2017  Bunpei Kado

  • Pick up Artist :Oku-Noto triennale 2017  Bunpei Kado

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Pick up Artist :Oku-Noto triennale 2017 Bunpei Kado

Oku-Noto triennale 2017 has started on 3, September. We are pleased to introduce installation "Silhouette Factory" by Bunpei Kado.

Opening the shutter of the unused dark warehouse, there was an ocean view as if it is projected on the movie screen. It was an inner side of the bay, a quiet ocean, quiet as if the time has been stopped. Once in a while, wind brings in the breeze inside the dark space. The artist has considered to show in this project, at once this feeling of a timeless atmosphere and the time occasionally set in motion by the breeze.
Making a research of subjects characteristic in the area, the artist made steel cutouts to be suspended from the ceiling. Along with the contrast of light and shadow, floating shapes in front of the real ocean view, constantly moving gently, let us feel of time slowly passing by, as a soundless quiet cinema.

Art Passport and guidebook for Japan OKU-NOTO TRIENNALE 2017 is available at Art Front Gallery.

September 3rd - October 22nd 2017, 50days

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