New Public Art of Leandro Erlich

The new public art of Leandro Erlich will be unveiled from 7th November 2014 at Iino Building, Tokyo. A big "The Cloud" of Leandro also is installed in there. Around Iino Building, artwork consistent with the building’s design will be placed throughout the building and grounds to create a rich and tasteful environment. In addition to relocating the murals which decorated the walls of the former Iino Building to the new Iino Building, a wide range of artwork from various genres of modern artists, from up-and-coming Japanese artists to famous international artists, will be used to give the building character.

田中望 個展 - ものおくり




Nozomi Tanaka Solo Exhibition: mono-okuri

Art Front Gallery will host a solo exhibition "mono-okuri" by Nozomi Tanaka this Oct. After we had disaster and nuclear issue, the artist Nozomi Tanaka moved and expanded to her issue from the area and their tradition in Tohoku (local area that locate in north part of Japan) to its relation to the world. This will be the first major solo show since she got a grand prize at VOCA (the esteemed annual group show for painter) 2014.

市原湖畔美術館「プリントって何?」展 トークイベント開催




Gallery Talk (Japanese-speaking) in Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Gallery Talk (Japanese-speaking) Date and Time: 13 September (Sat) 13:00 -14:00 Venue: Exhibition Room 2, Ichihara Lakeside Museum Speaker: Eitaro Ogawa (Project Leader, STPI) and Hisaharu Motoda (Participating Artist) Free of charge, admission ticket is required. We are glad to invite Eitaro Ogawa, Project Leader of Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) and Hisaharu Motoda, one of the participating artists of the current exhibition to hold a gallery talk on the theme of What is Print. Eitaro Ogawa, who will be visiting from Singapore, will introduce the mission of STPI as to share his experiences working with the exhibiting artists during their residencies; while Hisaharu Motoda will introduce his latest work follow by a guided-tour. About STPI: STPI, which is an internationally renowned space in Singapore for conceptual developments in contemporary art practice in print and paper. STPI’s Creative Workshop offers a dynamic residency programme for leading artists from around the world to experiment and push the boundaries of artistic creation with alternative methods and materials. STPI’s critically acclaimed programme, gallery and exceptional workshop expertise make STPI one of the best international destinations for contemporary arts in Asia. Works to be introduced: Eko Nugroho (Indonesia), Ronald Ventura (The Philippines), Haegue Yang (Korea), Lin Tianmiao (China) About Hisaharu Motoda Born in 1973 Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Motoda is regarded as one of the rising stars in the world of printmaking, having won several major prizes, including Chief Prize at the 34th GYOR International Symposium of Artists’ Municipal Museum in Hungary and Japan Print Association Prize, since obtaining his MFA in Printmaking from Tokyo University of the Arts, in 2001. He was the recipient of the Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists 2009/2010.





Artist Talk at Ichihara Lakeside Museum

What is “Print”? What is the stereotypical perception of “Print-making”? Ichihara Lakeside Museum brings together 6 participating artists of the captioned exhibition to expand the dialogue around their exhibited works and their views on how the established genre of "edition (han in Japanese) = print" comes to their creations. In addition, Tamae Iwasaki, Senior Printer of Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), who will be visiting from Singapore, will also introduce the latest print-making trends as well as to enliven a broad discussion around the ways of expression on print-making between Japanese artists and those from aboard. ■ Opening-Day Artist Talk - What is “Print”? Date and Time: 21 June 2014 (Sat) 14:00~15:30 Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Ichihara Lakeside Museum Vacancy: 80 (First-come-first-served, admission ticket is required) Speakers: Nobuhiro Nakanishi, Nobuaki Onishi, Kouseki Ono, Chika Osaka, Rika Saito, Katsutoshi Yuasa (* surname, alphabetic order) and Tamae Iwasaki (Registrar/ Senior Printer, STPI) Moderator: Taichi Hanafusa (Art Critic) ■ Access It is convenient to come by the Expressway Bus from Tokyo. 12:15 Departs from Tokyo Station/ Yuasu Exit Bus Stop No.2/ Katsuura (勝浦) Line 13:19 Get off at Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminus (市原鶴舞バスターミナル) * You may either transfer by Taxi (about 5 min.) or take the following local bus. 13:40 Departs from Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminus bound for Satomi Sta. (里見駅) 13:48 Get off at Ichihara Lakeside Museum (市原湖畔美術館) ※ For details on transportation, please refer to the access page on our website. Click here.





Ichihara Art x Mix Passort and Guildbook

passport ticket and guidebook available at the Art Front Gallery. There are a lot of arts you must see in Ichihara this Spring. Art Front Gallery is the only place you can buy the ticket of the international art festival "Ichihara Art x Mix" except at Ichihara. If you enjoy to see those good arts, you need a planing how to explore the art festival before you to get Ichihara. So It's better to buy the guide book and ticket now. For more info Art Front Gallery Hillside Terrace A, 29-18 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033 phone : 81-(0)3-3476-4869 fax : 81-(0)3-3476-1765 mail :

現代美術工芸の新しい地平 PartⅠ 漆と陶―素材を超えて




New Horizon in Contemporary Craft Art / Part I : Lacquer and Pottery Beyond Materiality

Art Front Gallery will present group exhibition "New Horizon in Contemporary Craft Art / Part I : Lacquer and Pottery Beyond Materiality" at Shibuya Hikarie 8F CUBE 1,2,3. This exhibition features four artists who eacvh opens new horizons onto the field of contemporary art and craft. We hope you will enjoy the striking objects on display at the new culture-transmitting base of Shibuya Hikarie. Artists: Genta Ishizuka, Kasumi Ueba, Tomomi Tanaka, Yui Higashibata Date: Mar 7(Fri) - 17(Mon) Hours: 11.00 - 20.00 (Last day will close at 17:00) Venue Shibuya Hikarie 8F CUBE1,2,3 Opening Reception & artist talk  Mar 7 (Fri) 18:30 - 20:00 Reservation is required               

高浜利也展 アーティストトーク




Toshiya Takahama Artist Talk

"BIENA ART SPACE" will hold a solo exhibition of a contemporary artist Toshiya Takahama. This space was opened in April as a new trial for creating an attractive communication space in the housing exhibition hall. The Artist Talk and Party : Feb 21 (Fri) 18:00-20:00 Date: Jan 30 (Thurs) - Mar 31 (Mon) Hours: 10:00-18:00 ( until 17:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) artist talk and party: Feb 21 (Fri) 18:00-20:00 reservation: