Masumi Nakaoka / view point

  • 中岡真珠美 / view point

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Masumi Nakaoka / view point

2009 Apr. 28 (Tue) - May 31 (Sun) 

It is sometimes said that Nakayama's works are "sceneries" without being sceneries.
Irregular shapes, which do not directly suggest what they are, but maybe connected to something in our memery, are placed on a flat plane as to build up one picture we have never seen.
The artist takes a photograph of a scenery from her daily life, but does not dipict as it is.
She goes through the scenery over and over in order to recaputre the image for herself and adds colors on a canvas. Half transparent resin softly spreads on the color surface as it is tracing the rims of vivid acrylic and oil colors
Depicted scenery loses the materialistic objectivity as the direct image are replaced with colors and medium. However the scenery still reappears in our mind as if they are linked to something in our memory.
We are never to see the same scenery the artist saw. But as we stand in front of the paintings and make imagination, we may come across to something we already saw, such as our familiar trees and mountains, buildings in cities. The sceneries in Nakaoka's paintings are completed when viewer link the depicted to what we have experienced before.

For more information on the artist's profile and works, please kindly check the artist page linked below.
Date 2009 Apr. 28 (Tue) - May 31 (Sun) 
Hours 11:00 - 19:00 (colosed on Mondays)
Event reception party : Apr. 28 (Tue) 19:00 - 21:00