Takashi Kuribayashi

Takashi Kuribayashi "GENKI-RO OHYA No.2"


Currently on view is the Genki-Ro Ohya, a part of Under Museum Challenge 01 GATE (UMC01_GATE) , a project developed in the site of quarry pit of Ohya stone. Ohya stone is scattered around the area Ohya in Utsunomiya City, and this specific stone has been nominated as Japan legacy.

Following the Genki-ro, his previous work exhibited in the Nizayama Forest Art Museum last year, this present Genki-ro allows visitors to experience Sauna, thus inducing five senses of human body.

Kurhibayashi is scheduled to participate in Documenta 15 at Kassel in the center of Germany in June 2022. Please pay attention to Kurhibayashi’s artistic activity!

under museum challenge 01 gate. 30, Oct.2021 ~ 23.Nov.2021(sat/sun only)
open 9;30 ~ 16;00. Utsunomiy-city Ohya-town muroyama

underground x Genki-ro experience
Artist Kuribayashi has frequently visited Fukushima since the Great Disaster 2011, where he received himself a lot of energy from the local people. He was surprised to know the reality, which was different from what he had learned indirectly from his acquaintance.

He created a Genki-Ro or steam sauna, with its herb steam in a construction in the form of an atomic reactor after numerous researches of the nuclear issues in the 10th year since the earthquake. He questions the negative problems into positive solutions inquiring if the people entering into this Genki-ro will come out in better bodily condition.

They boil water in a huge pan creating the steam of herb. Visitors can enter inside the artwork, feeling as if they are like “control rod” of nuclear reactor. Just like a sauna, they get refreshed, losing themselves in the steam and mist of messy atmosphere to feel the essence of the work with five senses. Through artwork of Kuribayashi, visitors can feel the grandiose scale of the basement space, feel the cooling water, and appreciate the charm of the space.

The present Genki-ro is totally different from the previous version of the Genki-ro, if the system remains the same. Please discover on the spot. Just seeing is believing!


栗林隆_The Reactor_2019_275 x 243 x 3_ステンドグラス_01_野口浩史撮影.jpg参考:《The Reactor》2019、Stained glass
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