Taro Yasuno : Unrealized Composition
《THE MAUSOLEUM 2》 2017 BankART Photo: Yuya Goto

  • 安野太郎 : アンリアライズド・コンポジション「イコン2020-2025」

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Taro Yasuno : Unrealized Composition "Icon 2020-2025"

2020.Jan. 10(Fri) – Feb. 2 (Sun)

Art Front Gallery is pleased to announce Taro Yasuno’s solo exhibition.
Date 2020.Jan. 10(Fri) – Feb. 2 (Sun)
Hours 11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
Reception Jan. 10(Fri) 18:00 - 20:00
Performance Feb. 2 (Sun) 16:00 - 17:00
Artist appears the gallery Jan. 22(Wed), 25(Sat), 26(Sun),29(Wed), 30(Thu), Feb. 1 (Sat)

《The planning sheet of fanfare of the Olympic games 2020 Tokyo》2019

A local bar called Mukumuku is on a street corner in S City, a suburb of Tokyo. Artists are said to gather here every night to discuss their thoughts and ideas. One chill night with a north wind blowing,two middle-aged men were sitting there talking for hours on end about art. It seemed they were debating major artistic events of the year – probably not that special in a bar like this. Similar conversations probably occur in joints across the country.

‘By the way, Yasuno,’
murmured Ozawa toward Yasuno who was picking up the last piece of beef and potato stew that had gone cold,
‘is it true you’re composing theme music for the Olympics?’
‘Oh no! It’s supposed to be a secret!
How did you find out about it?’
Ozawa went on, as if not hearing this reply,
‘I thought you were dead against that kind of national project…’
Yasuno answered now in a different,
calmer voice.
‘I’m serious about this.’
Ozawa was taken aback,
‘Not only for the Olympics, I’ve started composing for Osaka Expo 2025 too.’
‘Sorry, but I can’t catch up with you….
Does this mean… you’ve been commissioned?’
‘Nothing has been offered, but I’ve started on my own, just in case I get a request in the future. ’
Ozawa emptied his highball, choosing his words carefully:
‘I see, so you’re composing as an act of criticism, is that right? I can see that music offers critiques…
Is it going to be a player-less composition,
some kind of automatic performance?
I get what you mean…’.
‘Hang on,…’
Ozawa noticed Yasuno’s hands were trembling with annoyance. This looked like a trouble.
‘Let me get one thing straight with you.
My composition has nothing to do with whether I’m offered the commission or not.
Do you get what I’m saying?’
‘I understand. Don’t get upset.’
Ozawa called across the bar into the kitchen to the lady who runs the place,
‘Can we have some water?’
For some reason a glass of ice cubes came up together with an i-pad.
said Yasuno, taking the i-pad as if it was a natural thing, beginning to use it.

‘Wake yourself up!’
said Yasuno, because Ozawa had now drunk two flasks of hot sake and was on the verge of nodding off. The liquid crystal monitor dazzled his eyes.

This is how ‘ ’ will be presented in the gallery. Incidentally, at the point when Ozawa handed in this manuscript, no official
commission has been offered.

Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Artist

《COMPOSITION FOR COSMO-EGGS "Singing Bird Generator"》the 58th la biennale di venezia Japan pavilion, 2019

Taro Yasuno

【 Biography 】
2002 B.M. from Tokyo College of Music Composition Course
2004 M.A. from Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS)
2008 −2010 Educational research assistant at Tokyo University of Arts, Music Creativity and Environment department
2010 −2011 Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Arts, Art Media Centre
2010- present Part-time lecturer at Nihon University College of Arts
2017- present Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University

【 Performance Events & Exhibitions 】
2019 “Cosmo-Eggs”the 58th la biennale di venezia Japan pavilion
2018 “New work for automatic performance instruments and pipe organs and one performer”Gifu Salamanca Hall, Gifu, Japan
2017 “Radio Azja” Teatr Powszechny, Poland
2017 “THE MAUSOLEUM II”-Dead Perfromance, BankART, Yokohama、Japan
2017 “MECA MATSURI” Roppongi Varit, Tokyo
2017 “Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival” Art Award In the Cube 2017, Gifu Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, Japan
2017 “Sounding DIY” Chalton Gallery, London, England
2016 “Our Masters 土方巽/異言” Asia Culture Center, Seoul, Korea
2015 “SEXTET”, Tokyo Wonder Site Residency Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Trace of the Sacrament of Princess Soniko / Noise”Oita Triennnale2015, Oita, Japan
2015 “Zombie Opera - Danse Macabre”, Festival/Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “ Danse Macabre” Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto, Japan
2013 “Taro Yasuno’s Zombie Music - QUARTET OF THE LIVING DEAD”, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan

【 Awards 】
2018 10th Creational Tradition Award, Japan Arts Foundation
2018 21st Japan Media Arts Festival KDCC2017 Incentive Award 
2017 Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival - Art Award In the CUBE 2017 Awarded by Genichiro Takahashi
2013 7th JFC Composition, First prize of Composition Award

《COMPOSITION FOR COSMO-EGGS "Singing Bird Generator"》the 58th la biennale di venezia Japan pavilion, 2019