Dialogue: work commentary by Taro Yasuno
Installation view of Taro Yasuno's solo exhibition at Art Front Gallery, 2020

  • Dialogue: work commentary by Taro Yasuno

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Dialogue: work commentary by Taro Yasuno


Statement on Unrealized Composition "Icon 2020-2025"
January 10, 2020 Taro Yasuno

This is my first solo exhibition in a gallery.

Like Unbuild Architecture, is there any reason for possible "Unrealized Composition"? After the grant for Aichi Triennale was cut off by Agency for Cultural Affairs, artists as well as art related people may be intimidated by power of not spontaneous air that they breath, refraining from realizing what they would like to realize. Under such circumstances, I am wondering if our ambition for truly realized work should be downgraded to "something that can be realized, after all", and this is the very reason why I try to show my Unrealized Composition, practicing it in this exhibition.

What is on view in the gallery space are mainly plan drawings and music score for fanfare to be played at the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympic 2020, as well as plan sheet and score for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai. The essential idea penetrating these two plans goes back to "Zombie Opera" (Festival Tokyo, 2015), passing through "The Mausoleum I"(Gifu Museum of Art, 2017) or "The Mausoleum II"(BankART, 2017), whose documentary video are repeated in the gallery.

《The planning sheet of fanfare of the Olympic games 2020 Tokyo》

Since 2012, I have composed and performed music called Zombie Music, practiced through self-made automatic musical instrument. At first, it was generated out of a modest creative inspiration that enabled me to realize unplayable musical idea (too difficult for human players) with help of machine and technology.

《The Mausoleum I》2017, The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu

While Zombie Music becoming into a larger scale with twelve instruments and pedaling bellows, I asked myself from where this passion for creation came. If I have produced my composition using technology motivated by my own creative passion, in fact, I may have been activated by technology "who" may have its own desire. In this solo show, I have shed light on motifs of desire or instinctual drive of human technologies, scattering them throughout my composition and installation.

Taro Yasuno : Unrealized Composition "Icon 2020-2025"
2020.Jan. 10(Fri) – Feb. 2 (Sun)
Performance, Feb. 2 (Sun) 16:00 - 17:00