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Ayako Kuno "Transform-semicircle" / aluminum bronze, bronze

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Pick up Artworks : Exhibition "Spring Blossoms: Pop and Modern "


Hiroshi Kaneyasu "Rise of layered colors II"(detail) 40.0 x 102.0 x 45.0cm / Japanese lacquer, plaster, EPS

Hiroshi Kaneyasu (Japanese lacquer)
Born in Tokyo 1991. He is exploring relationship between colours and forms in the view of materialization with a theme of "An expression of forms and colours in Japanese lacquer & molding". The contrast between the polished streamlined surface and rugged rock like surface of mass is excellent, and his artworks has a wonderful fascination that is beyond our understanding of the traditional Japanese Lacquer works in crafts.

Hiroshi Kaneyasu "Rise of layered colors IV" 90.0 x 60.0 x 50.0cm / Japanese lacquer, plaster, EPS

Shohei Yokoyama "Amorphous 18-30" 15.0 x 23.0 x 12.0cm / glass

Shohei Yokoyama(Glass)
born in Okayama, 1985. Yokoyama deals with glass which transforms with heating into material ambivalent between solid and liquid. Simple process of “blowing” can form the glass. Thus created work will express power of life faced to energy generated from materials.

Shohei Yokoyama "Amorphous 18-21" 45.0 × 20.0 × 20.0cm / glassblowing

Hiroki Uemura "Transient and Ephemeral in This World" 86.0 x 35.0 x 35.0cm / glass, brass, branch

Hiroki Uemura(Glass)
born in Hokkaido, 1990. Uemura tries to visualize through his glass work, something around us invisible but recognizable. He represents floating objects in place or space, internal feeling of people, flow or accumulation of time.

Ayako Kuno "transform-semicircle" 48.0 x 70.0 x 30.0cm / brass, bronze

Ayako Kuno(Brass / Bronze)
born in Tokyo, 1983. Kuno’s motifs are cityscape with crowded area of buildings, and she realizes modelling these motifs into silver, brass, bronze by technique of lost-wax casting. Her works are composed of thus acquired minute parts with subdued color, accumulated into the larger works.

Ayako Kuno "transform-semicircle" 37.0 x 66.7 x 16.0cm / aluminum bronze, bronze

Tsuyoshi Ueda "melt in green" 32.0 x 29.0 x 28.0cm / bronze

Tsuyoshi Ueda(Bronze)
born in 1986, Nara. Through metal casting especially that of bronze, Ueda produces his various works. He tries to generate original sensation of human kind vis-à-vis the nature by inducing potential color or aspect that the materials keep themselves.

Tsuyoshi Ueda "nature morte" 28.0 x 28.0 x 26.0cm / bronze

Spring Blossoms: Pop and Modern
2019. Mar. 29 (Fri) - Apr. 28 (Sun)
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・Hiroshi Kaneyasu(Japanese lacquer)
・Asaho Kamiya(Ceramic)
・Ayako Kuno(Brass / Bronze)
・Yoshihiro Miura(Ceramic)
・Shinta Nakajima(Copper, Silver plated)
・Satoko Ootsuki(Porcelain)
・Takuro Tamura(Resin)
・Midori Tsukada(Glass)
・Kasumi Ueba (Ceramic)
・Tsuyoshi Ueda(Bronze)
・Hiroki Uemura(Glass)
・Masao Ueno(bamboo)
・Shohei Yokoyama(Glass)