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Hitoshi Kuriyama: "Something Comes from Nothing" vol.2


The solo exhibition of Hitoshi Kuriyama, "Something Comes from Nothing" is now available.

The article will explain about the exhibition, "Something Comes from Nothing."

"symbiosis" (detail)

neon sign, aluminum, etc.
H1100 × W128 × D140 mm each

Two neon tubes emitting different kinds of light intersect to form a single line, and the two lights mix to create a whole new color.

While interacting with each other, the light sources don’t get mix up but keep its own characteristics.

The world we perceive may also have been established through interaction with another world.

It will not be perceived directly like shadows or light shining behind, but will exist together and continue to draw different trajectories on the space.

"Tunnels of the void"
neon light, 1x10-5 Pa of vacuum, atmospheric pressure, electric wire, stainless steel, silicon
H1260 × W600 × D150 mm

Please observe at the internal structure of this artwork which is vacuum and filled with atmospheric pressure.

When the artist heated a glass tube that has a large atmospheric pressure difference between the inside and outside, it softened a glass making it bumpy.

And when the internal structure is filled with neon gas, luminous discharge phenomenon occurs.

Since the glass tube has narrow and wide areas, the discharge becomes unstable and the light fluctuates.

Due to this phenomenon, the light visualizes the pressure of the atmosphere which cannot be directly perceived.

Hitoshi Kuriyama’s solo exhibition : Something Comes from Nothing
2019. Dec. 6 (Fri) - 22 (Sun)

The installation view of solo show: Something Comes from Nothing in 2019