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Hitoshi Kuriyama: "Something Comes from Nothing" vol.1


The solo exhibition of Hitoshi Kuriyama, "Something Comes from Nothing" is now available.
The dynamic lightning appearance attracts many people and they stop on their way.

The artist will explain about the exhibition, "Something Comes from Nothing."

0=1 -another
fluorescent lights, glass mirror, electric wire, glass tube inner coated with stainless steel powder
H2700 × W6000 × D6200mm

"We may be creations from the other universe."

Since the concept of “infinite” cannot be established in the natural world, the singularity with infinitely massive density and infinitesimal size which absorbs every lights and substances, cannot exit.

"Thus, from this point of view, I set up a hypothesis."

In one universe, when mass and energy are pushed into a finitely sized grain, it is released into another universe to form new stars.

Which means a space has gave a birth to the other universe, and bringing other worlds moreover.

The phenomenon of “annihilation” or “collapse”, can be the phenomenon of “generation” or “creation” in the other universe.

It expresses how different universes are created over and over by infinite number of illusion and reflection of lights expanding through the mirror.

Vacuum seeds
borosilicate glass, Lead glass, 1x10-5 Pa of vacuum, stainless steel, acrylic, LED
H320 × W300 × D300 mm

"Do you think there will be nothing from 'nothing'?"

The vacuum phase has its infinite potential to create a universe.

Inspired by the parallel between the potential of creation in the vacuum and the energy of germination hidden in the seeds, the artist imagined the possibility of the new universe concealed in the seeds.

A celestial sphere-shaped container is filled with highly vacuumed glass seeds.

The artist wants you to recall the phenomenon that each one of these seeds transforms into the universe and forms a pluralistic and chaotic world.

0=1 -filament blue
chromogenic print, framed on aluminum frame

Should it be called as “disappearance” or “appearance”?

When an overcurrent runs through a tungsten filament in the dark room, the filament that was not visible emits strong light and burns out.

The afterimage of the light is burned into the eyes for a moment.

Photographic paper records the trace of the light of the moment as an image.

It is as if the image of filament visualizes the large-scale structure of the universe spreading out through the space like a net.

The moment could be “disappearance” but also could be “appearance”, perceived as the ambiguous event.

The solo exhibition of Hitoshi Kuriyama, “Something Comes from Nothing”

2019 December 6th (Fri.) – December 22nd(Sun.)