Kouseki Ono at Ginza T-site the Sacred of Retina.

Kouseki Ono at Ginza T-site the Sacred of Retina.


Kouseki Ono participates in a goup show the Sacred of Retina in Ginza T-site.

Together with Okada and Komuro, Ono elaborates his microcosmos through his screen print works: hundreds of layers of color created by repetitive bodily action of printing with each dot which is actually accumulation of ink. These "pillars of ink" can be transplanted onto cicada shell, for example. The amazing color scheme produced spontaneously is one of the charms of Ono work.

Starting with print work, Ono has followed career of both two and three dimensional works. In 2015, he was awarded the VOCA Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes recommended by curators of museums. His work was also associated with that of Claude Monet to join the exhibit Monet's Legacy currently on view at Yokoyama Museum of Art.
Ono's work questions the fluctuation of our seeing by decomposing the color into different layers of ink which can be recomposed in our retina level.

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The Sacred of Retina
Date: August 28-September 26 10:00-22:30
Venue: Ginza T-site (6th floor in GINZA 6)

Monet’s Legacy
Date: July 14 (Sat.) - September 24 (Mon.), 2018
Venue: Yokohama Museum of Art

pic: Kouseki Ono Adabana 2011, 30x35x35mm, cast-off shell of a cicada, ink, resin, acrylic gouache