Takanao KANEKO :

Takanao KANEKO : " NIJIGEN-HA” (literally “the two-dimensions current)"


Takanao KANEKO is participating the group exhibition " NIJIGEN-HA”.(For available works of Kaneko, please visit artist page of Art Front Gallery: Click here)

The Executive Committee has organized the NIJIGEN-HA Exhibition to be held at two venues in Tokyo from Wednesday August 24, 2022 and running for around one month.

Many people in Japan are still unaware that in recent years, some Japanese artists have leveraged the opportunity created by social media booms to gain massive popularity across East Asia. In this exhibition, we are dubbing them and the surrounding art scene they have created as " NIJIGEN-HA” (literally “the two-dimensions current)" for the first time. Through more than 100 artworks from about 30 artists, we seek to understand one of the most cutting-edge identities within Japanese art and the common emotions and senses of the young people across Asia.

Starting around 2020, the term "Nijigen" became popularized in the East Asian art market centered on China. The word "Nijigen" also connotes the popular awareness of Japaneseness in a general sense, including video games, idol culture, kawaii values, young generation culture and fashion. Works by Japanese artists with a “Nijigen” world view have found favor with young collectors around Asia. Yet these artists remain relatively unknown in Japan, and there has no systematic platform to discuss them until now. Kutsuna Miwa, who has been paying close attention to the contemporary art scene in East Asia and studying the contemporary art history for the past two decades, is now calling attention to and analyzing the must-know transitions of contemporary art in Japan. Through this exhibition, she guides us toward focusing on the new artists rooted in the current popular culture and the surrounding phenomena.

Period | August 24 [Wed] – 28 [Sun], 2022
- Hillside F, 18-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 153-0051 Japan

<2nd Venue:N&A Art SITE>
Period | August 24 [Wed] – October 1 [Sat], 2022
- 1-11-6 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0051 Japan

The installation view of KANEKO' art works at DAIKANYAMA HILLSIDE FORUM

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