Shinji Ohmaki : FUKAMI –une plongée dans l’esthétique japonaise in France, Paris

Shinji Ohmaki : FUKAMI –une plongée dans l’esthétique japonaise in France, Paris


We are pleased to announce Shinji Ohmaki's installation in France, Paris from 14 July – August 18, 2018 at Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris.

■FUKAMI, une plongée dans l’esthétique japonaise

Tradition and modernity, stream and forms, something ephemeral or eternal, are the features often observed as contradictory aspects of one thing. Japanese aesthetic could be called as co-existence of opponent factors. Presented in the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, this exhibit Shinji Ohmaki, Japanese artist, was conceived by Yuko Hasegawa, one of the commissioners of Japonisme 2018 and director of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. She tries to induce the spirit of Japanese aesthetic through the balance between tradition and contemporary. To revitalize the vitality which is proper to Japanese aesthetic, the artistic media handed down is visualized in the Jomon pottery, which is put next to the contemporary design of fashion by young Anrealage, inspired by this pottery art. That is a best example to illustrate the collaborative mind of spectrum ranging from painting, installation, photography, mode, sculpture etc) with various concept such as primitism, hybrid, minimalism, alchemy, philosophy of the lightness or of renaissance. The exhibit conveys the essence of Japanese aesthetic which unites tradition and modernity in a new perspective.

Dates: July 14-August 18
Venue: Hotel Salomon de Rothschild
Organizer: Japan Foundation
Initial concept directed by:
Masahiko Tsugawa, President, Promotion Committee of Japonisme 2018
Yuko Hasegawa, director of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, and professor of Tokyo University of the Arts
With the sponsorship of :
Avec le concours de Canon Marketing Japan Inc., JAPAN AIRLINES, MHD Moët Hennessy Diageo K.K.

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