Takako Azami 《Trees nagatoro 1》, new trial

Takako Azami 《Trees nagatoro 1》, new trial


Takako Azami "Trees nagatoro 1" photo by Shintaro Miyawaki

Takako Azami exhibited in Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Art Museum in 2019. She was selected as an artist in relation to Setouchi for the current exhibit “The Atmosphere of Setouchi – An Art Perspective” at The Kagawa Museum.

Asked to create something related to Setouchi, Azami focused on the greenish schist which unites Chichibu where her atelier is located and Setouchi. She sketched in Nagatoro area known for pile of rocks. “Recalling that Nagatoro is a part of the Sanba River metamorphic belt, I strolled about the pile of rocks to find a nice viewing spot for the landscape, where I drew the trees on the cliff. I viewed the stream of Arakawa River along with pile of rocks across the trees, but finally I depicted mainly the trees on the cliff with the reflection of light from the water surface more than several dozen meters below myself, which I discovered under such special situation. However, I could not approach, as I usually do, to the trees for its cliff, which was the difficulty.”
The artwork shows the angle or style of depiction, which is different from those the artist represents with the trees of her own garden. Also, “Transform 2108” exhibited in Art Front Gallery can also be found at the venue.

The exhibition is through September 4, synchronizing with Setouchi Triennale (Summer). We wish your visit for both!