Takako Azami@MOMAT Collection

Takako Azami@MOMAT Collection


《Plum and Maple》by Takako Azami is currently on view at MOMAT Collection, Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art. In this exhibit, her work is exhibited in the very introduction of the space, inviting the visitors to this section with its contrast in black (sumi) and white (hemp paper) . (On the works by Azami, please refer to ( here

Since it was entered in the museum, this masterpiece has been exhibited. However, the exhibit two years ago was shortened because of corona situation. This time, synchronized with the 《Kaburaki Kiyokata: A Retrospective》in the first floor, Azami is treated as a forerunner in the contemporary Japanese painting with her original style of painting from the reverse side. To look into the technique of her art, a couple of drawings are exhibited along with the main painting. We appreciate your kind visit to enjoy the variety of appearance of the same plum tree in the garden of the artist.

■Date: March 18-May 5, 2022  Closed on Mondays
■Hour: 10:00-17:00(10:00-20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays)
■Venue: Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

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