Tomomi Nishizawa : The skin you are now in

  • Tomomi Nishizawa : The skin you are now in

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Tomomi Nishizawa : The skin you are now in


Tomomi Nishizawa's solo show,「The skin you are now in」is currently presented at Art Front Gallery until August 30th.
Regarding this, Art Front Gallery interviewed Nishizawa about the theme of creation and about her thoughts she developed in her artworks which are combinations of make-up tools and medical devices from her perspectives.

Q, About the exhibition's title “The skin you are now in“

The exhibition title “The skin you are now in” means the situation where we live (exist) to find ourselves (now) within the artificial skin.

It also refers to the skin, constantly updated through makeup, to have a new desired “face” as if our original naked face has been existed as such.

The artist thinks that whole process of makeup today, with help of ever-improving medical care, can transform the face itself, producing “second skin” which is more real than the real skin.

According to the artist, naked skin without makeup is not ourselves, and the made-up self is really ourselves. Then, where can we find ourselves as identified existence when we do makeup? It seems that the cosmetic items are now composing the skin itself to produce our new identity within this created skin.

"Laboratory" 2020 / inkjet print, frame / 560x743x20mm / photographer : mitsuhisa mitsuya

Q: What is your opinion about the border line between cosmetics and medical treatment?

I think that there is no more such border line between these two areas. Maybe it has never been in our history. In fact, I feel that the cosmetics as well as medical care are becoming more and more familiar and closer in everyday life.

"Surface" 2020 / inkjet print, frame / 560x743x20mm / photographer : mitsuhisa mitsuya

Q: What has made you choose this subject of healthcare and cosmetics for your artwork?

Makeup was familiar with me through my high-school days: I went to women’s school and my school mates were all interested in cosmetic things, always seeking the occasion to make themselves photogenic for print club sticker, application of mobile phone, or for SNS. I was in the midst of this environment while I find it interesting keeping a certain distance from it.
Also, I was brought up in a family close to medical care with parents of pharmacist and nurse, and moreover, I belong to the generation where such term as “cosmetic surgery” or “makeup in the level of surgery” are becoming more familiar than before.


Q: About your works

“Powder Brush”2020 / 1680x800x800mm

This work is composed of powder brush and surgical knife welded in stainless.

“Eyelash Curler”2015 / 1570x1200x1200mm

This artwok features the eyelash curler combined with medical crow-bill in coated iron.
It was originally designed to move functionally, however it is fixed with the pedestal for this standing installation.

“Lip Gloss”2020 / 1740x800x800mm

It has motifs of gloss and injector in stainless.

These three artworks are all featuring familiar cosmetics, and I just installed them in the space with tension. I wanted to make them look like “the three sacred emblems” (like those of Japanese imperial family).

“Chemical Reaction”2020 / inkjet print, acrylic mount / 1180x11700x25mm

This work refers to the concept that “encountering person is a chemical reaction”.
Each glass is for physical and chemical use, referring to the inward organs of human body.
This photo has not been processed as CG: the glass parts were designed minutely to keep the real ink which was then photographed.

“Vascular Stent Necklace”2020 / glass, necklace, stent, brass, base / 1535x480x480mm

This work includes not only the objects inside the glass case but also the base too, which is associated with the usual glass showcase for jewelry or precious stones. It uses the four-necked flask, the one photographed in “Chemical Reaction”, symbolizing the human heart. Unlike in the photo, the heart (four-necked flask) can be appreciated as a charm for a necklace. Also to be noted is that the glass tubes around the flask are in form of blood vessel around the heart. Medical stent inserted in the glass vein is considered as the chain of the necklace, supporting the heart or the four-necked flask.

“Blend Under the Skin”2015 / bottles, needles, stainless steel, glass, frame, wood / 870x1160x100mm

This work is dated 2015, which unites the shelf for cosmetics and medicines. The white shelf is not with normal framing but was created with the image of “compact case” in cosmetics.


“Matsuge Story #01-04” 2015 / inkjet print, aluminum mounted, frame (photographed by yasuhiro mori)

The making process of eyelash has been visualized as photographic works with four stories.

Tomomi Nishizawa:The skin you are now in
2020. Jul. 31st (Fri) - Aug. 30th (Sun)
Since Art Front Gallery is on summer holiday currently, this exhibition will resume from August 19th (Wed.)
Three sculptures of “Powder Brush”, “Eyelash Curler” and “Lip Gloss” exhibited in the room along the street, however, can be enjoyed through the window for 24 hours even the gallery is closed.