Special Exhibition: Journey with Hiroshige

Special Exhibition: Journey with Hiroshige


4/24- 7/1                           

Currently, a special exhibition, "Journey with Hiroshige" is taking place at "Anjin" a cafe space on 2nd floor, in Daikanyama Tsutaya Books.

This exhibition theme is "travel". Hiroshige Utagawa's "Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido Road" and works of contemporary artists such as Tokuro Sakamoto and Syuji Yamamoto, who were both influenced by traditional Japanese artists, are exhibited.
Tokuro Sakamoto is the contemporary Japanese painting artist who focuses on daily life as his main theme. Artists in Edo period like Hiroshige had a great influence on Sakamoto's work specially seen through his emphasis of perspective and picture composition.
Art Front Gallery will present solo exhibition "Long Distance View" of Tokuro Sakamoto from Jun. 1 (fri).

For past works of Tokuro Sakamoto, see here, and for information on solo exhibition by Tokuro Sakamoto, see here.

Art Front Gallery is located 3 minutes walk distance from Tsutaya Books.
Please drop in at the gallery, when you visit Anjin.

Journey with Hiroshige
Date: 2012 Apr. 24 (Tue) - Jul. 1 (Sun)
Location: Anjin, Daikanyama Tsutaya Books
Hours: 09.00 - 26.00
Access and opening hours of Anjin can be seen at official website.

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