Gallery's Picks for the Month (Artists fascinated by CARS)
Hisaharu Motoda 《Foresight: Desert area 2》2022 lithograph, collage  image size: 475 x 345mm, frame size: 675 x 540mm

  • Gallery's Picks for the Month (Artists fascinated by CARS)

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Gallery's Picks for the Month (Artists fascinated by CARS)

Current exhibit at Art Front Gallery "Hisaharu Motoda: CARS" features a great number of minicars. In the art history, some artists have been fascinated by the cars to realize the form of cars in various ways. Here introduced are the artworks available at Art Front Gallery related to cars.

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Hisaharu Motoda: minicar realizes the fiction

Hisaharu Motoda launched on the new world of minicar, helped by his five-years-son under covid situation when Motoda spent more time with his family. At first he reflected on the possibility of minicar to transform the world of fiction of minicar into that of reality. This unique piece is a collage of lithograph. The artist printed with color using the plywood scattered with sands to acquire the effect of rough texture or rugged surface, which is different from normal print surface.

Hisaharu Motoda《Parking Lot2》2021 lithograph image size: 330 x 233mm frame size: 513 x 418mm

The process of collage using the cut-out of the lithograph was new to the artist. Prior to it, he made a number of prints of minicars, and this work was the first example of such trial. Minicars may appear as the figures, just like the people in the lines at the station. Either in order or disorder, or abandaned, these minicars are associated with the human figures which do not exist any more. Regarding colors, if symbolic colors were used before, this is the first time where the artist repeats to use color with same motifs to produce many prints with their respective feature.

minicar series (lithograph) with edition 10 minicar is limited to 1 per one motif

This minicar series may look as drawing, still it is lithograph. Among the various models of automobiles, he selected some renowned such as Mercedes, Skyline or Pajero, all missing a part or being ruined. Minicars are also in ruin atmosphere with the application of metal paints to generate the effect of rust, which is related to the image of Motoda's credited ruins. He still keeps on making the minicar series to propose 20 models in final version.

Kumi Sugai : Japanese artist in Paris with the art of his beloved car

Kumi Sugai《Crossing 1》edition 22/250 1978 silkscreen image size: 180x180mm
Frame size: 250 x 292mm

Kumi Sugai (1919-1996) is known for his passion for the cars, especially porche. His works are colorful and sometimes pop, often seen in museums. Born in Hyogo prefecture, he first worked as commercial designer for Hanshin Railway company, then moved to Paris to study art. He soon fell in love with porche, and purchased new 1973 dated Porche 911 Carrera RS. Then he was involved in a fatal traffic accident with his car, but immediately he bought new one on recovery. In his art, he united or collaged the photo of the cars with graphical motifs.

Kumi Sugai《VARIATION 4》edition 14/125 1995 lithograph
Image size: 620 x 460mm

This work is the series with the motif of road, and this S-shaped street is impressive. What for S? S for Sugai or for speed? This was created in his last years, so he may have dreamt of his driving in his youth .

(for reference)《Porsche》1975 edition 24/55 private collection

Tokuro Sakamoto : Absence of imaginary cars

Tokuro Sakamoto《Breath(Road/ Traffic Light)》2012 acrylic on hemp paper 910 x 910 x 30mm

While Motoda and Sugai depict the cars themselves, the viewpoint of Sakamoto is much different. Driving a car, he depicts the cityscape with the viewpoint of the driver against the road or highway. The absence of cars are thus impressed with the tranquility or atmospheric scerenity by use of traffic lights or crossing repeatedly painted in the Sakamoto world as important elements. The work itself may appear as a photographic representation since the artist leaves few trace of the painting in use of thin brush.

Tokuro Sakamoto《Highway》2020 acrylic on hemp paper 1303 x 1303mm

The last solo exhibit was held in 2021 and this work was one of the representative works there. The cityscape is his major motif which reminds of the human activity without depicting the human themselves. The composition of this work is also very unique with large sky. The artist lives in Yamanashi prefecture and he frequentely come and go between Yamanashi and Tokyo, depicting the highway, greenery in the side, or night scape or even car themselves.

Tokuro Sakamoto《Joy Ride》2008 acrylic on hemp paper 410 x 410mm

We have seen various works with the motif of cars. We appereciate your interest in our art and please do not hesitate to contact us any time.