Leandro Erlich participates in Group show at Taiwan

Leandro Erlich participates in Group show at Taiwan


We are pleased to announce Leandro Erlich will participate to a curated exhibiton at JUT ART MUSEUM in Taipei.
Jut Museum is private museum and it's launched last year in Taipei city.
This show curated by Sean Hu who is one of the most paid attention curator in Taiwan.
Leandro Erlich is on several projects in Japan this yaer. In those projects includes some solo exhibition at Art Front Gallery and Mori Art Museum this Autumn.
We will bring you up to date information and news of his projects quickly when it's reported.
Please keep paying attention on our news!

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More info of exhibition
Date&Time:8th Apr. - 6th Aug. 10:00 - 18:00(Open Tue. - Sun.) Monday close
Venue: JUT Art Museum
Curator : Sean Hu
Organizer: JUT Art Museum
Sponsor : Sony
corporator: MOT Cafe, Eslite Corporation

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