Leandro Erlich	 @ Cartier pop up store

Leandro Erlich @ Cartier pop up store


Cartier will open a precious convenience store of iconic jewelry collection "JUSTE UN CLOU" from September 21st at Omotesando for a limited time. Leandro Erlich cloud works are featured for the interior of this store.

"JUSTE UN CLOU" is a jewelry born from a creative twist on a familiar object using a nail motif, relating to the theme of "when the ordinary becomes precious ". The space is inspired by the convenience store in Japan providing an elegant space filled with the essence of Cartier. On September 28th, "JUSTE UN CLOU OWNERS NIGHT" will be limited to patrons only of Cartier.
"JUSTE UN CLOU" was a collection that was born in 1971 with designer Aldo Cipullo who was inspired by a nail. With the rise of youth culture and the encounter of punk and high fashion, the creative boom arrived in New York’s freewheeling era in the 1970s. Bold, modern, and innovative, this jewelry collection transcends the everyday, making the ordinary exquisite. The new work that appears in September is a SM style bracelet and ring that has been evolved into a slimmer look, giving the impression of a cool, easy, and modern reflection in its finishing.

Period: September 21 - September 30
Opening hours: 12: 00 - 20: 00
Location: 5-16-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

photo:Leandro Erlich / Frozen Clouds / 2018 / MDF, paint on acrylic board / 230 x 325 x 175 mm
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