Leandro Erlich @ KAMU Kanazawa in Japan

Leandro Erlich @ KAMU Kanazawa in Japan


Leandro Erlich will participate in the exhibition "The power of things" at contemporary art museum "KAMU kanazawa" from June 21.
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■"The power of things"
June 21, 2020-

Leandro Erlich, Stephanie Quayle, Takuro Kuwata

KAMU kanazawa (1-1-52 Hirosaka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan 920-0962)

The venue of this exhibition is newly opened KAMU Kanazawa. This is a private museum aiming at collecting contemporary art to promote the Japanese cultural resources and contributing to the development of the city of Kanazawa in the realm of contemporary art. The inaugural exhibition “The power of things” thus focuses on artists from its collection: Leandro Erlich, Takuro Kuwata and Stephanie Quayle, showing their commissioned works for this exhibit and other works. These works will surely invite the visitors to the physical experiences through the power of the real things.

The new work by Leandro Erlich will be, because of the delay caused by unexpected situation of COVID-19, on view later. By then, please enjoy some documentary exhibit through the works in the past. When finished, this permanent work will be enjoyed as the second installation of Leandro after “Swimming Pool” at 21 century museum of contemporary art, Kanazawa.


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