Shintaro Tanaka @ Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Shintaro Tanaka @ Ichihara Lakeside Museum


We are pleased to announce Shintaro Tanaka's solo show “Vertical Landscapes” at Ichihara Lakeside Museum from August 08, 2020.
In addition, we will have his solo show in Art Front Gallery from September 11, 2020.

■Shintaro Tanaka “Vertical Landscapes”
period : August 08, 2020 to October 18, 2020
venue: Ichihara Lakeside Museum (75-1 Funyu, Ichihara-shi, Chiba 290-0554)

An exhibition for Shintaro Tanaka, who worked for sixty years from the time of his dynamic debut at 19 until his death last August at 79. Tanaka was a leader of Japanese contemporary art from the 1960s, attracting attention at the Yomiuri Independent Exhibition and participating in the Neo Dadaism Organizers run by artists such as Genpei Akasegawa and Ushio Shinohara. The minimalistic expressions of his “Dots, Lines, Surfaces” unveiled in 1968 had a strong impact on not only the art world but designers such as Shiro Kuramata and architects, as well. Tanaka represented Japan at international exhibitions such as the Paris Biennale, the 10th Tokyo Biennale: Between Man and Matter, and the Venice Biennale. After a period of illness, he took up new expressive forms with “Vertical Landscapes.” He also undertook many commissions, including those for Bridgestone, Faret Tachikawa, Echigo Tsumari, and the Sapporo Dome. With these projects, he made his work a familiar part of the landscapes of people’s lives.
This exhibition explores the evolution of Tanaka’s work with photographs and statements by the artist, revealing how he thought, worked, and lived in each era of his life. Part of his studio in Hitachi is also reconstructed. Experience the delicacy and grandeur of his work.

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