Shintaro Tanaka @ Artizon Museum, Tokyo

Shintaro Tanaka @ Artizon Museum, Tokyo


Artworks of Shintaro Tanaka are on view at current exhibit “STEP AHEAD: Recent Acquisitions” in Artizon Museum, Tokyo.
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STEPS AHEAD features on the Artizon Museum’s latest additions to the collection. It is composed of the sections of Cubism, of drawings by Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp and related artists, women artists of Abstract Expressionism, Takiguchi Shuzo and Experimental Workshop, contemporary Australian aboriginal paintings, and much more. This exhibition of 201 works, including 92 new acquisitions being exhibited for the first time, and 87 works from the collection of portrait photographs of artists provides a view of the Artizon Museum’s continuing progress in expanding the horizons of its collection.

Tanaka’s works are exhibited in the 4th section “Shiro Kuramata and Shintaro Tanaka”
In the sixth-floor lobby of the Artizon Museum displayed are “Glass Bench” (1986) by Shiro Kuramata, late leading designer of Japan, and “Then Music Began to Reach My Ears” (1986) by Shintaro Tanaka, plastic artist. These two influential figures in design as well as art world had fostered a close relationship between them. Kuramata’s bench as well as Tanaka’s sculpture, kept in the previous Bridgestone Building, were added to the collection of the Museum in occasion of inauguration of museum tower Kyobashi. In addition, the newly acquired works of Kuramata’s furniture, two-and-three dimensional works of Tanaka, all are introduced in this section 4.

-STEPS AHEAD: Recent Acquisitions-
Date: 2021.2.13-5.9
Venue: Artizon Museum (address: 1-7-2, Kyobashi, Chuoku, 1040031 Tokyo

Photo: Shintaro Tanaka “韓(HAN)- in fall” 1990

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