Yoshitaka Nanjo : new installation

Yoshitaka Nanjo : new installation


Installation view of ”The Atmosphere of Setouchi – An Art Perspective” photo by Shintaro Miyawaki  

Current exhibit “The Atmosphere of Setouchi – An Art Perspective” at The Kagawa Museum shows the new work of Yoshitaka Nanjo. He was born in Sakaide, Kagawa Prefecture, and participated in Setouchi Triennale 2019. This year at its Spring Session, he was selected to exhibit in Shamijima. He installed old furniture or lamp together with changing video projection on the landscape of Five Islands including Yoshima, making the visitors experience the historical movement of waterflow into Inland Sea. Although this installation is not visible now, you can enjoy his new installation at the museum. According to the artist, it is the following development of the work in Shamijima. "Fugitive dust with sea breeze covered the dresser and other daily objects left in the room. The mirrors, among others, seemed to have cherished number of longstanding memories together with sounds of surf. In this installation, I borrowed the fishing devices from in the collection of Seto Inland Sea Museum of History and Folklore, creating an installation. It is composed of new five works combining the mirrors or wall clocks with video and of works projected on the fishing net or on the lamps, " he says. Nanjo sheds light on the cultural resources left in the locals, showcasing the notion of time with his unique video or lighting, and thus leading us to re-discover our daily life and history.
The exhibition is through September 4, synchronizing with Setouchi Triennale (Summer). We wish your visit for both!

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