Hisaharu Motoda:CARS

  • 元田久治:CARS

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Hisaharu Motoda:CARS

June 24 (Fri.) - July 17 (Sun.) , 2022

Art Front Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition "Hisaharu Motoda:CARS".
Date June 24 (Fri.) - July 17 (Sun.) , 2022
Hours Wed. - Fri. 12:00 - 19:00 / Sat. Sun. 11:00 - 17:00
closed Mondays and Tuesdays
artist at the gallery June 26th (Sun), July 3rd (Sun), 10th (Sun) 13: 00-17: 00 13th (Wed) )12 : 00-17 : 00
Hisaharu Motoda, born in 1973 in Kumamoto Prefecture, met with the print technique of lithograph during his days at Faculty of Arts at Kyushu Sangyo University. He was then graduate student at Tokyo University of the Arts and artists’ residency program in both Australia and USA to become a lithograph printer. His style is characterized by the exquisite landscape with the motif of the ruins of the landmarks. He was fascinated by lithograph giving the objectivity toward the motif: the lines could be separated from his own feeling and appear rather "dry" or distant from the motif as object, which was not the case with painting. The series of ruins starting in about 2004 was, according to the artist, inspired with his continued interest in the process where artificial construction would finally fade out to the nature, or his discomfort vis-a-vis the cityscape which embarassed him when coming from local small city. The exhibit "Beyond the End: Ruins in Art History" held in the Shoto Museum of Art featured the message of Motoda, stating that “The present will finally be the past”.

This show, five years after his last solo show in 2017, reveals the new development from the style so far. The new series entitled "CARS" showcases the collage of lithograph of a great number of miniature car in their life size in the background of asphalt and white lines both in life size. The roads and cars are both in life size, giving impact on the mismatch of scales of the miniature in front plane.
The composition reminds us of the drone image, viewed from above, with a number of miniature cars on dried roads, some cars lined up while others in random. The disorder may be associated with the people confused with the information about the Covid situation or with Ukrainian invasion without any concrete solution.
Motoda will show his new development expressing the essence of the social movement today with his sharp and realistic sense of depiction. We appreciate your kind appreciation and expectation.

《CARS : Pedestrian Crossing》 2022 / panel, linen, mixed media / 202×472cm