Hisaharu Motoda:CARS -availble works, new works and production scenes for upcoming exhibition

  • Hisaharu Motoda:CARS -availble works, new works and production scenes for upcoming exhibition

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Hisaharu Motoda:CARS -availble works, new works and production scenes for upcoming exhibition


June 24 (Fri.) - July 17 (Sun.) , 2022

Upcoming exhibition from June 24 is the solo exhibition of Hisaharu Motoda entitled CARS, first exhibit since 2017 at Art Front Gallery. Motoda is associated and credited with his elaborate landscape painting with the imaginary motif of ruins of existent landmarks in townscape today. In this exhibit, however, the main motif is miniature car to be developed as a new series. Prior to the exhibit, we would like to introduce here both of the works depicting ruins from the available works of Art Front Gallery as well as the new works to be exhibited in the show. Also, we would reveal his atelier for the production.
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Date June 24 (Fri.) - July 17 (Sun.) , 2022
Exhibition Hisaharu Motoda:CARS
venue Art Front Gallery
Motoda met with the print technique of lithograph during his days at Faculty of Arts at Kyushu Sangyo University. He was then fascinated by lithograph giving the objectivity toward the motif: the lines could be separated from his own feeling and appear rather "dry" or distant from the motif as object, which was not the case of painting. The series of ruins starting in about 2004 was, according to the artist, inspired with his continued interest in the process where artificial construction would finally fade out to the nature, or his discomfort vis-a-vis the cityscape when he first was faced in coming from the local city.

Revelation-KabukichoⅠ, lithograph, 520x730mm, 2004

Exquisite finishing like photos covering the series of urban landmarks may appear in the context of hyper-realism. In fact, what gives the impact to the viewers at first glance is the landscape where familliar buildings and its neighboring area are losing their substance to generate the world of no man's land or deathtopia.

Indication: Tokyo Station, lithograph, 875x1713mm, 2007

Indication-Tokyo Tower, lithograph, 470x455mm, 2007

Three key words of "Foresight", "ndication", "Revelation" are credited with the tittles of his works: these concepts are suggestive of what will happen or not happen in terms of the direction of present world. If his works are fictional, still the perspective of these worlds created by Motoda were accepted with the reality whenever the giant natural disaster, war or accidents have occured. At the same time, the work of WTC exhibited in his solo show in 2017 was impressive in that it suggested the world after 9.11 in case the catastroph did not happen.

Foresight: Manhattan, USA, lithograph, 67x38.5cm, 2017, ed.5/10

Among his recent works of ruins, the two cases depicting high-way junction shows the change from the style so far. There the existent construction is being invaded by the nature, and the scale of invading botanical plants or branches are enlarged in comparison with the roads or buildings. Thus, the depiction of the town scape looks like diorama.

Foresight: Hakozaki JCT, lithograph, 455x645mm, 2019

Foresight: Hakozaki JCT, lithograph, 690x930mm, 2019

This show, five years after his last solo show in 2017, reveals the new development from the style so far. The new series entitled "CARS" showcases the collage of lithograph of a great number of miniature car in their life size in the background of asphalt and white lines both in life size. The roads and cars are both in life size, giving impact on the mismatch of scales of the miniature in front plane.

CARS:Diamond Mark (detail), mixed media, 2910x900mm, 2022

The atelier of the aritst: these miniature cars in lithograph are accumulated one on another, just like the realistic boneyard.

CARS: Collage 1, collage on lithograph, 475x345mm, 2022

Artist at the atelier with the large work in progess for the exhibitin《CARS:Diamond Mark》

Motoda will show his new development expressing the essence of the social movement today with his sharp and realistic sense of depiction. We appreciate your kind visit!

Hisaharu Motoda:CARS
June 24 (Fri.) - July 17 (Sun.) , 2022
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