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Daikanyama Tsutaya Books


Artworks at Anjin 5 ? Miyuki Takenaka

Art Front Gallery contributes to the art coordination of cafe space at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, called "Anjin".
There is permanent exhibition of artwork by various domestic and international artists selected by Art Front Gallery at Anjin.
We recently changed some works at the site, and work of Miyuki Takenaka, who is currently holding solo exhibition at Art Front Gallery, will also be in view.

Miyuki Takenaka “Layer of Memory” acrylic plate, glass bead, resin etc., 100 x 100 x 240mm, 2011

Takenaka has been mainly create flat works of drawings and those of using resin but recently began creating three-dimensional works.
Such three-dimensional works using resin are also exhibited in her solo exhibition “Transparency” at Art Front Gallery, which will close on 27th May (sun.

You can freely see “Layer of Memory” at Anjin, cafe at 2nd floor of Tsutaya Books in Daikanayama T-Site.
For information on Miyuki Takenaka’s solo exhibition “Transparency” at Art Front Gallery, see here.

For access and opening hours of Anjin, see here.
Tsutaya Books is located 3 minutes walk distance from Art Front Gallery.
Please drop in at Anjin, when you visit our gallery.

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