Masatake Kozaki & Naoto Sunohara @ The Ueno Royal Museum

Masatake Kozaki & Naoto Sunohara @ The Ueno Royal Museum


Masatake Kozaki and Naoto Sunohara will participate in the exhibition "The 8th Higashiyama Kai Memorial Nikkei Nihonga Award" at The Ueno Royal Museum, Japan.

■The 8th Higashiyama Kai Memorial Nikkei Nihonga Award

June 1th (Tuesday) -June 6th (Sunday), 2021
Note: Please confirm the dates or open hours before your visit!

The Ueno Royal Museum (1-2 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007)

1028追加_MUGEN - Tree of life-.jpg
Masatake Kozaki《MUGEN-Tree of Life-》 2020 240.0×170.0 hemp paper, metal leaves, mineral pigments, acrylic on wooden panel

Under the corona situation, Kozaki kept his creative activity at home feeling the air which move the world to a different border from the present one. He entitled his new work as MUGEN meaning “ephemeral illusion”. While he was using a composition of Rakuchu Rakugai city scape or hybrid arrangement of animals and plants, in this work he used the tall format with botanical landmark in the center where “everything is in ascension against gravity with mixture or disorder of all the animals, plants, humans or even technology in chaotic world” thus proposing a universal dream do be depicted in the current society to put stress on the same dream shared by the all the people.

Naoto Sunohara《Airy Plue》 2018 200.0×600.0 Japanese paper, mineral pigments, seiboku (bluish ink) on wooden panel

Sunohara was exhibited in last March in the exhibit VOCA selection throughout Japan and attract much attention nowadays. His professor Natsunosuke Mise once stated about the artwork of Sunohara as Sunohara creates paintings on the basis of Shasei with surrounding objects as motifs. His original experience can be traced in climbing up mountains in his hometown Shinshu (Nagano) area. Imagined scenery of older days acquired only through time difference between the present and past has been mixed in complex layers with the real landscape of Yamagata where he lives and works. Such process contributes to generate an almost abstract painting of “mountain itself”, where his breath is overlapped with the picture plane.

We hope that you will enjoy their works together with other artist’s in the venue.

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