Tatsuo Kawaguchi : TIME COMPASS

Tatsuo Kawaguchi : TIME COMPASS

Tatsuo Kawaguchi : TIME COMPASS

author, editor, contributor
Edited by Art Front Gallery
publisher / publishing year
Art Front Gallery, July 2019
size 25.7 x 18.3 cm
volume / colour 43 pages, colour
language JPN / ENG
price 1,000 + Tax

Catalogue published on the occasion of Tatsuo Kawaguchi's solo exhibition at Echigo Tsumari Kiyotsu Soko Museum of Art (SoKo) in 2019.

The book is forwarded by Cai Guo-Qiang as goes "Talk Talk my Teacher Mr. Tatsuo Kawaguchi and I" since Cai was a student to Kawaguchi at University of Tsukuba. Itinerary of travelling through Kawaguchi works exhibited in the museum rooms and gymnasium show the development of early works from sixties to present, including such pivotal works as those made of iron, copper changing its appearance with time process.

From the catalogue cited as follows. Very symbolic space of Kiyotsu Soko museum, a school gymnasium, exhibits a dynamic installation work by Kawaguchi. "Relations - Constellation on the Ground: The Big Dipper" consists of bowls painted with yellow beeswax and filled with water dotted across the floor in accordance with the positions of the Polaris star and the Big Dipper. A beeswax-coated anchor hanging off the ceiling comes right down to the point of touching the water while a copper plate with seeds of lotus flowers captured in the lead floating in the bowl. The hanging anchor makes subtle pendulum movements according to the Earth's rotation and vibrates the water. In the center of the space "Relation - Floating Lotus Boat" presents a floating boat hovering above your eyes. A guardian deity sits on the boat and countless lotus flowers encased in lead are blooming. Each end of the boat is loaded with a magnetic plate, a thermometer, and seeds, as well as male and female gods. "Relation - No Relation / Withered Sunflower" consists of seven standing coffin-like boxes with seeds extracted from dried sunflowers that were fixed inside the box by beeswax. At the very back of the exhibition space is the re-interpretation of "Relation - Famer's Lifework" which was presented during Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2013 at Matsudai Nobutai. Kawaguchi collected farming tools that were once used in the community and kept carefully rather than being thrown away. He then planted seeds in those tools to form the installation. "Relation - Frottage of Time" the yellowish works displayed on the exhibition walls, convey the eternity of life by frottaging a large volume of Kawaguchi's fossil collections.

The catalogue also includes text Kenji Kajiya, the late Yuusuke Nakahara and conversation between Kawaguchi and Fram Kitagawa at the vernissage of recent solo show of Kawaguchi at Art Front Gallery, Tokyo.
We hope that you will enjoy the exhibit together with the catalogue weaving warp and woof of the work of Kawaguchi.

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