Masterpiece of Mounir Fatmi vol.2 : Maximum Sensation

  • Masterpiece of Mounir Fatmi vol.2 : Maximum Sensation

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Masterpiece of Mounir Fatmi vol.2 : Maximum Sensation

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

This will be the last occasion to present the works of Fatmi, and we choose, among various artworks, the one whose message is appealing to audience directly.

Maximum Sensation is composed of skateboards with colorful prayer rug and is in the collection of American museum and of European corporation. According to Fatmi, he met with a girl in Islamic dress in Afghanistan who drove her skateboard which was allowed for girls unlike bikes and bicycles. The artist was impressed with her courage for progressive change and created this piece as “homage to Afghan girl”. The title has double meaning of maximum sensation which people acquire through praying and other ritual action, or the bodily sensation we get by skateboard.

This work was exhibited in show window at the occasion of Setouchi Triennale 2016.
If Afghanistan is peripheral vis-à-vis Europe and its culture, the same can be said foro Japan. The artist emphasize the vision from periphery, since another vision has always elaborated and enlarged our thinking. Fatmi tries to, through his art, minimize the distance between countries or culture, or between the religion and ordinary lives of ourselves.

Installation view at Shinjuku ISETAN, 2016

Mounir Fatmi: Peripheral Vision is exhibited in Art Front Gallery through December 24.
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Mounir Fatmi : Peripheral Vision