New Work of mounir fatmi at Setouchi Triennale

New Work of mounir fatmi at Setouchi Triennale "Based on True Story"


A new work of Mounir fatmi was created for current Setouchi Triennale. Following his previous installation of Awashima island, the artist had a opportunity of using an abandoned clinic in Uno port quartier. A series of videos “Architecture Now!” together with the series of 16 photographs The Rest made in 2004 are installed. The videos have an motif of demolition of an apartment in Paris dated 1930 where people from many countries lived after WWI. This time, the artist created the work using remote communication, and questions about the true meaning of “habitat” , a global issue especially featured in present day.

This installation strongly reflects the artist’s attitude toward the social situation. Fatmi, born in Morocco, is based in France while keeping his eyes from the periphery. He keeps on working on many issues of religion, education or politics, realizing various art of installation, paintings, photos and videos among others. He once had the historical approach toward the medical issues, which was exhibited in Art Front gallery last year.