Yukihisa Isobe : The Potentiality of Drawing @ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Yukihisa Isobe : The Potentiality of Drawing @ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo


Yukihisa Isobe will participate in the exhibition "The Potentiality of Drawing" at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo from June 2 (Tue)ー June 21 (Sun), 2020!
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■The Potentiality of Drawing
Period : 2 June(Tue) - 21 June(Sun), 2020
Venue : Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 3F

This exhibition endeavors to re-examine drawing’s potential in a number of different contexts through expression, varied in kind, that employs line as a core medium of exploration. Featured are works that demonstrate contemporary approaches to drawing.

1 Words and Visual Image ・・・・・ Henri Matisse, Kyuyo Ishikawa
The interplay of words and visual images is among the most essential topics of visual art today. Under the keyword of drawing, this exhibition will reconsider the relationship between words and images in visual expression, and what lies between them.

2 Looking at Space ・・・・・ Shigeo Toya, Keita Mori, Yayoi Kusama, Saburo Aso
The work of painters and sculptors begins with an eye to the space around them. What the eye sees finds development in a drawing and, eventually, in a finished work capturing the space. This section considers the meaning of drawing as a core element of the production process and a work’s composition.

3 Visions of Water ・・・・・ Yukihisa Isobe, Yasushi Yamabe
Drawing, a means of instantly rendering the imagination visible, has been integral to many artists’ production process. Visions of ceaselessly moving, changing water, seen in the imagination, particularly fascinate artists as a subject of line-based expression.

(Photo: Yukihisa Isobe, The Shinano River once flowed 25 meters above where it presently flows, 2002, detail)

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