Yukihisa Isobe @ Centre Pompidou – Metz “Aerodream-Architecture, Design and Inflatable Structures 1950-2020”

Yukihisa Isobe @ Centre Pompidou – Metz “Aerodream-Architecture, Design and Inflatable Structures 1950-2020”


Yukihisa Isobe is participating in the exhibition “Aerodream-Architecture, Design and Inflatable Structures 1950-2020” at Centre Pompidou – Metz, France.

This exhibition features on the development of pneumatic structure and its derivatives, newly introduced as a material in the architecture as well as design in post-war period. It includes maquettes, drawings and photos.

After the petrol crisis at the end of the 1970’s which would sound the death knell of an ideology of the use of plastics, the inflatable progressively faded away, the post-modern current juxtaposing the image of this industrial product. But since about ten years, with the appearance of more ecological new technologies, the inflatable has regained its reputation and represents an alternative for a number of architects such as Arata Isozaki or Kengo Kuma among others.

Yukihisa Isobe, as early as in the sixties, tackled with this innovative pneumatic structure, and created to a huge dome for Earth Day in 1970. He had installed in New York and succeeded in acquire the green card for to get a position in Department of the Park in New York City. In this time of ecology, he created a poster for Earth Day, with the background of young Americans’ anti-war for Vietnam, AIDS or drug problems.
In the exhibit of Aerodream, the poster and the video are on view from Yukihisa Isobe.

The exhibit will travel to Cite de l’Architecture et Patrimoine in Paris this November after the session at Centre Pompidou Metz.

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