Where has the river gone

Where has the river gone

Where has the river gone

author, editor, contributor
Yukihisa Isobe
publisher / publishing year
Gendaikikakushitu, Aug. 2018
size 25 x 19.5 x 1.5 cm
volume / colour 174 page / color
language JPN / ENG
price 2,500 + Tax
ISBN 978-4-7738-1808-6


1. Yukihisa Isobe Memorial Echigo-Tsumari Kiyotsu Soko Museum [SoKo]

2. Echigo-Tsumari and Yukihisa Isobe
Yukihisa Isobe Memorandum by Fram Kitagawa
2-1. Projects in Echigo-Tsumari
2-2. Ecological Planning of Echigo-Tsumari

3. Environment and Expression
On Yukihisa Isobe's "environment" by Noi Sawaragi
3-1. Activities in the U.S
3-2. Ecological Mapping of Echigo-Tsumari
3-3. The Art of Environmental Symbols
Interview with Yukihisa Isobe "What Happend in New York?"

4. The Darling of Post-War Japanese art
The Cirection of Yukihisa Isobe's Vision by Naoko Seki
4-1. The Avant-Garde Era
4-2. Crests Series
4-3. Zenkyoren Building Mural and Public Art

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