special exhibition

special exhibition "SAKURA SAKU" @ Daikanyama T-SITE Anjin


At the moment of cherry blossom, we are pleased to exhibit the artworks on Sakura or those inspired with Sakura.

In Japanese connotation, Hana or flower has long meant Sakura, and appeared widely in artistic representation. Now the emerging artists try to overcome their predecessor through different materials such as lacquer, ceramic, painting and inkjet print.
The painting by Satoshi Uchiumi consists of small dots colored in Sakura gradation. We hope that you will take time to visit our exhibit in anjin cafe in Daikanyama T-site.

Pic: Satoshi Uchiumi "Under the colors 2018-04" 450 x 400 mm, cotton cloth, oil and watercolor on canvas

■special exhibition "SAKURA SAKU"

19th Mar. 2018 - 30th June. 2018

Place:Anjin café at Daikanyama T-site 2nd Floor, Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo

Exhibited Artists:
Gyokuju Funada, Shinji Ohmaki, Tokuro Sakamoto, Satoshi Uchiumi, Kana Kou, Yoichirou Nishimura, Hitoshi Kuriyama, Yui Higashibata, Toshitaka Nishizawa, Naoki Onogawa, Yoko Terai, Kosei Komatsu

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