Yuma Tomiyasu :  TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition

Yuma Tomiyasu : TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition


Yuma Tomiyasu has been selected as a "Finalist of TERRADA ART AWARD 2023" and will exhibit her work in the "Finalist Exhibition" starting on Wednesday, January 10.

Yuma Tomiyasu : Exhibition plan for "TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition"
I have been interested in the shift in perspective, such as switching between one's own perspective and that of others. It could be a transcendent being's viewpoint, or it could be a ghost's one. Or it may be the multiple overlapping gazes of the self that transcend dimensions. The viewpoint of dreaming is not captured by the eyes, but we recognize that we indeed see it. Such shifting between multiple perspectives induces a strange sensation of going back and forth between dimensions and makes us aware of the instability of its foundation.

The structure of a magic mirror means that when it is not visible from one side, it is visible from the other side. The monitoring camera in the room set in this installation should also show the viewers outside the room, but it will not show the viewers at a time when they can see the monitor. In this work, the programming of the lighting forces the visible objects to shift, thereby shaking up the concept of seeing and being seen.

■TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition
Dates: January 10th (Wed) – January 28th (Sun), 2024
Venue: Warehouse TERRADA G3-6F (Warehouse TERRADA G Building 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002)

Mitsuo Kim、Yuma Tomiyasu、Yuki Harada、Satoshi Murakami、yang02

Final Jury :
Takahiro Kaneshima(Associate Professor of Kanazawa College of Art)、Yukie Kamiya(Art Critic, Independent Curator)、Yuki Terase(Art Intelligence Global Founding Partner)、Daito Manabe(Founder of Rhizomatiks, Artist, Interaction Designer, Programmer, and DJ)、Meruro Washida(Director of Towada Art Center, Associate Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts)

Primary Selection Jury:
Ryo Ikeshiro(Artist, Musician, Researcher, and Assistant Professor of School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong)、Shinji Ohmaki (Artist)、Eriko Kimura (Deputy Director and Chief Curator of Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art)、Ryutaro Takahashi (Psychiatrist, Art Collector)、Yuu Takehisa (Curator, Artistic Director of Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)、Reiko Tsubaki (Curator of the Mori Art Museum)

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