dialogue: visiting artist's studio 2 (Ichihara)

  • dialogue: visiting artist's studio 2 (Ichihara)

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dialogue: visiting artist's studio 2 (Ichihara)

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

2016 May 3(Tues)- May 8(Sun)

Artists related to Ichihara ART x MIX 2014 attended to the event Art Ichihara 2016 Spring, special exhibition and workshops using the closed school and fields near Tokyo. On this occasion, we visited Bunpei Kado's site where he continuously developed the installation after "Ichihara ART x MIX 2014". The installation site seems to be the artist's second studio.

Date 2016 May 3(Tues)- May 8(Sun)

A huge panoramic site occupies the ex-classroom, using school desks that once functioned and now a canvas for the artist. Kado actually hand curves the landscape of Ichihara City on the desk. You can see the industrial area with steel-chemical complex along the sea side and much of the land changed into golf course along the mountain side. And a large green net overlaps the whole landscape, where the toy golf balls are been kicked endlessly.

The work is still on progress, yet we can see clearly a new direction that the artist has come up to through this installation.