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Daikanyama Tsutaya Books


Artworks at Anjin 1 -Bunpei Kado-

Art Front Gallery contributes to the art coordination of cafe space at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, called "Anjin".
We would like to introduce the works by Bunpei Kado among a number of wokrs by various artists currently exhibited.

Bunpei Kado "Memory of the Wild -Bear-"  230×120×480mm / ornament of bear, wire, paper / 2010

Bunpei Kado upper left: "Bonsai of Iron #04" 230x110x170mm/ iron, plant, concrete/ 2207
upper right "Bonsai of Iron #01" 380x180x380mm/ iron, plant, concrete/ 2007
below left "Comic Generation -Temple- #02" 110x110x190mm/ comic book, incense burner, FRP/ 2006
below right "Comic Generation -Temple- #01" 140x140x280mm/ comic book, incense burner, FRP/ 2006

For other works and C.V. of Kado, please visit here.

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Since Anjin is located 3 minutes walk from Art Front Gallery, please visit here as well when you come to our gallery.