Bunpei Kado :The Ark in Space at  Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo.

Bunpei Kado :The Ark in Space at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo.


Bunpei Kadois currently exhibiting his solo show at Hikarie Shibuya through May 8.


■Title :Bunpei Kado : The Ark in Space
■Dates:April 22 (Fri)- May 8 (Sun), 2022
■Hours:11:00 - 20:00(finishe at 18h on May 8)、no holidays
■Venue:Hikarie, Shibuya CUBE1,2,3(2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-8510 )
■Cooperated with Art Front Gallery

Artist’s statement goes as follows.
The man once dreamt of going to the moon by artillery.
It may look absurd from present day, but this fantastic episode depicted in “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne with taste of imaginary visions going beyond the borders with llimited technology, is becoming true stories. Today, with the progress of science technology and its research, even ordinary people can go to the space.

—Bunpei Kado

Bunpei Kado has long developed and explored the idea of habitat (living environment) in his participation of group exhibition as Okamoto Taro Award, international art festivals such as Setouchi Triennale and Ichihara Art×Mix together with his solo shows. This time he assembled his “houses” created so far, realizing fantastic science as his original sources. Here he questions the issues of “base” (both as earth as well as concept) which will be doubted some day in the future, showcasing the “counterpart” works to solve the problems in his own way. The exhibit will be a chronical of his career, while it also shows the latest elements added to the “imaginary space relocation” plan, inspired with the current streams of private space development. We appreciate your kind visit to witness the idea of Kado leading the history of technology.

—Art Front Gallery