Works of Oscar Oiwa exhibited

Works of Oscar Oiwa exhibited


The Group 1965: "We Are Boys!" exhibition held at Kyiv.

The Group 1965, composed by the artsits of contemporary art scene in Japan born in 1965, is now holding their exhibition entitled " We Are Boys!" at Kyiv, Ukraine, which was held at Dusseldorf, Germany early this year.
This is the special exhibition related to "ART-KYIV Contemporary 2011", the largest art fair in Ukraine held at national museum, Arsenal.
Works by members of the Group 1965, including Oscar Oiwa and Tsuyoshi Ozawa, are exhibited.

"Group 1965: We Are Boys!"
Date: 2011. Nov. 1 - Nov. 13
Location: Art Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Artists: Makoto Aida, Sumihisa Arima, Parco Kinoshita, HIroyuki Matsugkage, Osacar Oiwa, Tsyoshi Ozawa

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