Oscar Oiwa Exhibition

Oscar Oiwa Exhibition


at Seoul, Korea                    

“Traveling Light ”, solo exhibition of Oscar Oiwa is currently held at Keumsan gallery, Seoul in Korea.

“Heisei Dori” , oil on canvas, 227 x 333 cm, 2012

Oscar Oiwa ? Traveling Light
Opening Hours:Monday - Friday 10am - 9pm, Saturday 10am ? 6pm, Sunday 11am ? 6pm
Venue:B-103 Ssangyong Namsan Platinum, 87 Hoehyeon-dong 2-ga,
Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-052, Korea
Inquiry Information:+82-(0)2-3789-6317 

Born in Brazil, an oil-painting artist, Oscar Oiwa creates large scale paintings which have unique narratives. The artist depicts sceneries that somehow remind us nostalgic familiar scenes of our lives, yet his works showing his sensitivity and imagination bring unrealistic sceneries in humorous way.
Oiwa’s been showing internationally in Brazil, New York, Tokyo and London. He is currently a professor in San Paulo University.

This first solo exhibition in Korea is planned by Keumsan Gallery and Art Front Gallery.
This exhibition is proudly held with selections of Oscar’s new paintings.
In November, the exhibition will take place in Creative Space 8/, 8F, Shibuya hikarie and Art Front Gallery in Japan.
This will be a great opportunity to see his dynamic new works.
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For past works and C.V. of Oscar Oiwa, see here.

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