Iku Harada Open Studio @ Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo

Iku Harada Open Studio @ Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo


Iku Harada’s “Another World Map of 10th years” is held on Fuchu Art Museum. This time the exhibition will be held on Open Studio which also shows her working progress by workshops and events. Harada’s artworks have been spreading in various directions for about a year since the exhibition at the Art Front Gallery last year. Please enjoy Harada's 'inner space' that is constantly evolving.

Furthermore, the new approach to AR by Harada will be released on the Webpage. Please pay attention to it.

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■Open Studio 75 Iku Harada [Another World Map of 10th Year]
Iku Harada depicts the landscape or interiors with bright colors. The space where the light pours down and casts shadows, and the refreshing wind blows, seems to be somewhat homogeneous but not indicative of a specific location. In fact, they are the virtual world created by Iku Harada, and has been gradually formed over 10 years.
Another World. There is the pleasure of imagination to spread wings freely, and there is the comfort of being able to return at any time.

This time, we will introduce a few roots of Iku Harada’s imagination and show the process of painting thoroughly. How would a map of Another world appear in front of us?

Date : April 13th (Saturday) ~ July 7th 2019 (Sunday)
Admission : Free
Open Studio :
April 13th,14th, 21st, 28th
May 6th, 25th, 26th
July 2nd, 9th
Artist Talk : July 7th 14:00~15:00
Venue : Fuchu Art Museum Open Studio (1chome-3, Asamacho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo)

image: Inner Space (update 201903)

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