Iku Harada : Imagining the unseen everyday @Tokyo Shibuya Koen-Dori Gallery

Iku Harada : Imagining the unseen everyday @Tokyo Shibuya Koen-Dori Gallery


Iku Harada will participate in the "Imagining the unseen everyday" starting on Saturday, February 10.

■Imagining the unseen everyday
Period: Saturday, 15 June – Sunday, 1st September, 2024
Venue: Tokyo Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery
Admission: Free

Society has made strides towards recovering our pre-pandemic everyday routines, as we interact with others, gather, and move about again. Yet just as we were starting to see rays of light, a new disaster has left an imprint in our memories. Each time we are confronted by such events, we feel how precious and fragile everyday life is, while also being reminded of how past memories are pushed deeper and buried by memories of new experiences. In ways large and small, perhaps our day to day is just this
process over and over. In this exhibition, six artists consider the repetition of daily life through works that compel us to think about the everyday from a variety of perspectives. Overlooked sights and experiences, or familiar words. Collaboration with someone, somewhere. Recording the day’s important memories and happenings, and ordinary scenes that put us at ease. Each artist’s work offers a window onto the daily lives of others, imbuing our familiar ordinary scenery with new value, and enriching the everyday. The helping hands of others are what restore our bonds with people and society that have been frayed by many stresses. Our daily routines cannot be separated from how people and society relate to—and exert mutual influence on—one another. These artworks explore many ways to feel the presence of others, compelling us to reconsider what separates us from others and society, and see the everyday in a new light.

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