Chihiro Kabata Unpublished Diary
Dark River 20140719, 900x900mm 2014

  • Chihiro Kabata Unpublished Diary

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Chihiro Kabata Unpublished Diary


Art Front Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Chihiro Kabata : Unknown Planet.

2017. Oct. 6 (Fri) - Nov. 12 (Sun)

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We are introducing Kabata's unreleased works during this 2years.

※Those works have been introduced below are available to purchase,
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This work is one of the pieces she created after the solo exhibition in 2013.
This work has impressive lines on it and it's quite free and fluid.
It seems like her work has changed from previous style which is well blackened.
Shapes of lines make us feel movement of river and movement of artist's body, and it's also reminds us some sort of movement of dancing.

Installation view of solo exhibition 2013

Dark Ocean 20140731, 900x1800mm 2014

Here the expression of lines are more visible and artist challenged her own experiment of lines more than filling the white spaces. The proportion of empty space on paper is showing quite Japanese composition, it seems like a sign of her developing to next stages.

This wave like movement of lines like Hokusai, turns to circular arc pattern and often appears on her works after this work.

This is one of the traditional Japanese patterns called "Seigaiha"

Actually people says, this pattern is originally come from Old Persia.

This pattern arrived Japan when it's the era of Asuka(7C) or Heian(8C) through silk-road.
In the story of Genji, we can see the word "Seigaiha" that is name of Gagaku(Japanese court music), and it's mentioned that the main cast of story : Hikaru Genji dance with the music.

The pattern of costume for Kagura dancer is called also "Seigaiha". We hear the name of "Seigaiha" is actually deliverd from this Kagura dancing.

Dark River_20141014(舞)_2014_510x1260mm

Kabata's experiments show us interesting changing on her work by adding those pattern like shapes into her work.

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