VOCA 2012

VOCA 2012


Chihiro Kabata, Miyuki Takenaka

Works of Chihiro Kabata and Miyuki Takenaka are currently exhibited in "Vision of Contemporary Art" (VOCA) held at The Ueno Royal Museum.

VOCA, 19th at this time, has own system that young artists are chosen by recommendation from curators, journalists, and researchers through out Japan and chosen artists exhibit new works for this.
Chihiro Kabara was recommended by Yayoi Kojima (curator), and Miyuki Takenaka was recommended by Kazuo Yamawaki (professor, Kinjo Gakuin University) as exhibiting artists.
Their new works are currently exhibited at The Ueno Royal Museum.

[exhibition info]
Vision of Contemporary Art 2012
Date: 2012 Mar. 15 (Thu) - Mar. 30 (Fri)
Hours: 10.00 - 17.00 (closed at 18.00 on Thrusday, Friday, Saturday)
Fee: General, College students 500yen
Venue: Ueno Royal Museum

Besides that, "Kabata Chihiro Artworks 2011", Chihiro Kabata's yearbook, and "miyuki takenaka WORKS 1999-2011", portofolio book of Miyuki Takenaka, has been published.
You can buy both of them at Art Front Gallery.

L: Chihiro Kabata "Silent Image", oil ballpoint pen on ink jet printing paper, 1310x2500mm each
R:Miyuki Takenaka "Overflowing Time", mixed media, acrylic sheet, watercolor paper, 1300x1000mm, each

Past artworks, C.V.s and images of previous exhibition at Art Front Gallery can be seen from links below.

Chihiro Kabata: past works, C.V., 2011 Jun. "Closed with Eyes Opened"
Miyuki Takenaka: past works, C.V., 2011 Jul. Iku Harada, Miyuki Takenaka "Inside the Garden"

Art Front Gallery will hold solo exhibition of Miyuki Takenaka on May, 2012. For further information, see here.

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