Holiday Closing Notice

Dec.26~Jan.6 We are very grateful to you for visiting out gallery this year. Art Front Gallery will hold more than 20 exhibitions to introduce from young emerging artists to those who are internationally well-known in coming year. Please keep your eyes on our message delivered internationally from Daikanyama. The gallery will be closed from 2011. Dec. 26 (Mon) to 2012. Jan. 6 (Fri). If you have any inquiry, please contact the office, which will be opened from 2012. Jan. 5 (Thu).

阿部岳史 - 幽玄



Takeshi Abe: Sign of Ghost

11/15~12/4 Art Front Gallery will hold an solo exhibition by Takeshi Abe, entitled "Sign of Ghost". Date: 15. November (Tue) - 4. December (Sun) Hours: 11.00 - 19.00 (Closed on Mondays) Location: Art Front Gallery the artist will be at the gallery on Nov.19 (Sat) and Nov. 23 (Wed) official website for "Descending Image 2010", 2010 (Yamagata Museum of Art) (*Japanese only) official website for "project N 37", 2009 (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery) (*Japanese only) artist's official website




Works of Oscar Oiwa exhibited

The Group 1965: "We Are Boys!" exhibition held at Kyiv. The Group 1965, composed by the artsits of contemporary art scene in Japan born in 1965, is now holding their exhibition entitled " We Are Boys!" at Kyiv, Ukraine, which was held at Dusseldorf, Germany early this year. This is the special exhibition related to "ART-KYIV Contemporary 2011", the largest art fair in Ukraine held at national museum, Arsenal. Works by members of the Group 1965, including Oscar Oiwa and Tsuyoshi Ozawa, are exhibited. "Group 1965: We Are Boys!" Date: 2011. Nov. 1 - Nov. 13 Location: Art Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine) Artists: Makoto Aida, Sumihisa Arima, Parco Kinoshita, HIroyuki Matsugkage, Osacar Oiwa, Tsyoshi Ozawa

大巻伸嗣 トークイベント



Shinji Omaki: CAFE TALK

Oct.9 (Sun) 15:00 - 17:00 Art Front Gallery will hold an special artist 's talk by Shinji Omaki, one of the most noteworthy emerging artist, on October 9 (Sun). Omaki has created dynamic installation works which change the space into abnormal world and evoke viewers' physical sense so far. He also has been creating the space which constantly make audience being part of the artwork, as he said that it is essencial for artistic space that people get in and go outside constantly. This time, he will give a talk about the situation of art scene overseas with his unique perspective of an artist who has been woking worldwidely as participating residence program and holding solo exhibition in Basel or taking part in 2011 Asian Art Beinnale in Taiwan. Since there will be the special exhibition of his works on October 9 and 10, this is the rare opportunity to listen the artist's talk in front of the works displayed. Some drinks and light meal will be also sereved. Please make a reservation in advance, and find an opportunity to join this. You can make a reservation either by telephone, e-mail or fax. Please download and fill your information in the reservation form below and send it to or to 03-3476-1765 (FAX). For reservation by telephone, please call 03-3476-4869 (contact person: Shimoyama). Shinji Omaki: CAFETALK reservation form (Japanese Only) Shinji Omaki: CAFE TALK (need reservation) Date: 2011. Oct. 9 (Sun) 15:00 - 17:00 Location: Art Front Gallery Charge: ¥2000 Shinji Omaki: Special Exhibition Date: 2011. Oct. 9 (Sun), 10 (Mon) Hour: 11.00 - 19.00 Location: Art Front Gallery (For those who want to view this exhibition, please talk to us at Kouseki Ono's solo exhibition in the gallery) ※please note: on Oct.9th (Sun) from 15:00 to 17:00, the reservation in advance (pay) is needed because of this talk event.

10/9, 10大巻伸嗣特別展



<u>Shinji Omaki</u>

special exhibition for limited 2days : Art Front Gallery will hold special exhibition of works by Shinji Omaki. Flat works and small sculpture, from his early works to recent "ECHO - Crystalization" series will be in view. This is limited for 2days, Oct.9 (Sun) and 10(Mon). For those who want to see this exhibition, please talk to us at the gallery. Please find an opportunity to visit the gallery. Shinji Omaki : Special Exhibition Date: Oct.9 (Sun), 10 (Mon) Hours: 11.00 - 19.00 Location: Art Front Gallery ※please note: on Oct.9th (Sun) from 15:00 to 17:00, the reservation in advance (pay) is needed. photo by Osamu Nakamura

AIDEC presents MORE! life with art 21th



AIDEC presents MORE! life with art 21th

special exhibition: Art Front Gallery will hold solo exhibition by Masumi Nakaoka with her new works, entitled “Towards Gentle Ovals”from September 2nd, and we've made a special leaflet for the exhibition. Yuka Uematsu, a curator of National Museum of Art Osaka and also are the commissioner of Japanese Pavilion of this year’s Venice Biennial, wrote for this leaflet. You can take it at the gallery. Connected with this exhibition, we are now holding special exhibition of Nakaoka‘s artworks, entitled "MORE! life with art 21th" at the showroom of AIDEC, a company of furniture dealer. The purpose of this exhibition at AIDEC is to show that artworks which are usually at galleries and museums look fresh when they are displayed along with furniture. Along with the exhibition by new works at Art Front Gallery, please find an opportunity to visit there. It will be planned to be finished at the end of November. This is limited to AIDEC's Tokyo Showroom only. For informaiton in detail and the access to AIDEC's Tokyo Showroom, please visit AIDEC's official website. For further information on the leaflet and the special exhibition at AIDEC, please visit our blog on ARTiT site too.

椛田ちひろ展掲載- BT 美術手帖8月号



Chihiro Kabata is featured in Bijutsu Techo

press info: Chihiro Kabata's solo exhibition "Closed with Eyes Opened", held at Art Front Gallery until July 10, is now featured by current issue of "Bijutsu Techo" magazine. The exhibition was the compilation of her previous exhibitions at Musuem of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Gallery αM. The review of this exhibition by Yayoi Kojima, independent curator is published inside. This article is on the top page of "REVIES" pages. Please get it at your nearest book store. "Bijitsu Techo" 2012. August issue 2011, July 16 on sale 1,600 yen (tax in)

竹中美幸表紙掲載 art_icle7・8月合併夏号



Miyuki Takenaka on cover: art_icle June/July Summer issue

Miyuki Takenaka, who will have a group exhibiton at ART FRONT GALLERY, is on cover of free art magazine "art_icle" June/July summer issue. She won Semi Grand Prix of 4th art_icle Award early this year, and there is her featured page inside. You can get "art_icle" at museums, concert hall and galleries. We will hold a group exhibiton of Miyuki Takenaka and Iku Harada, entitled "Inside the Garden" from July 12. For further information on this exhibiton, please see here.

椛田ちひろ - 目をあけたまま閉じる



Chihiro Kabata: Closed with Eyes Opened

Works by Chihiro Kabata were shown until May at "MOT Annual 2011, Nearest Faraway" in Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. This will be the first solo exhibition after that to be composed only with the artist's new works. One may be able to find her latest tendencies and challenges to new direction. Date: June 17 (Fri) - July 10 (Sun) Hours:11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Mondays) Place:Art Front Gallery Sponsors:KASHIMA Corporation Ltd.. Opening Reception:June 17 (Fri) 18:00 - 20:00 artist's official website "MOT Annual 2011: Nearest Faraway" official website (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)

レアンドロ・エルリッヒ Paris-Delhi-Bombayに参加



Leandro Erlich at the Cetre Pomidou in Paris

Leandro Erlich's new work is featured at group exhibition entitled "Paris-Delhi-Bombay" in the Centre Pompidou Paris. This exhibition is consist of contemporary art both in India and France. Erlich displayes installation, "La Regard", which develops in the French bedroom decorated by accliamed designer, Jaqcues Grange. If you have a chace, please visit and see. "Paris-Delhi-Bombay" Term: May 25 (Wed) - Sep. 19(Mon) Hours: 11.00 - 21.00 Place: the Centre Pompidou, Paris For further information, please visit official website.

大岩オスカール参加 昭和40年会 ウィー・アー・ボーイズ!



Oscar Oiwa: The Group 1965- We Are Boys!

The group exhibition entitled "The Group 1945- We Are Boys!" is now held at Kunsthale Dusseldorf, Germany, and Oscar Oiwa's work is displayed. This is the group exhibiton of "The Group 1945", composed by artsists born in 1945. If you have a chace, please visit and see. "The Group 1945- We Are Boys!" Term: May 21(Sat) - Jul. 3 (Wed) Hours: 11.00 - 18.00 (closed on Mondays) Place: Kunsthale Dusseldorf Grabbeplatz D-40213 Dusseldorf Germany Artists: Makoto Aida, Sumihisa Arima, Oscar Oiwa, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Parco Kinoshita, Hiroyuki Matsukage TEL: +49 (0)211 - 89 962 43 +49 (0)211 - 89 962 43

竹中美幸 第4回アーティクル賞準グランプリ受賞



Miyuki Takenaka won Semi Grand Prix of 4th art_icle Award

art_icle Award was established to discover and cultivate artists in any ages and genre in December, 2006. 4th in this time, Miyuki Takenaka, related artists to our gallery, have won Semi Grand Prix. Out of 240 artists entered, 19 artists' work who made it through the first round of selections were exhibited for the judge's final selection at Turner Gallery. Report on this awrard is now on latest issue of "art_icle magazine" and you can see other works of selected artists. Also, next issue will feature Miyuki Takenaka, as winner of Semi Grand Prix. "art_icle magazine" is disturbuted at museums, concert halls, and galleries. From July 12, we will hold two-man exhibition of Miyuki Takenaka and Iku Harada. Please keep an eye on our website for further information. image: "Vivid Afterimage" 2011. aclyric plate, watercolor paper, resin, gouache, watercolor, beeswax, pastel, ink 1240×1240mm

浅見貴子、北城貴子ら参加  大原美術館コレクションテーマ展



Takako Azami, Takako Hojo; Ohara Museum of Art's Theme Exhibition

The works of Takako Azami, Takako Hojo, who have had their solo exhibtions at our gallery, will be displayed at Ohara Museum of Art's Theme Exhibition, "Lights of Sakazu". This time, works expressing the scenary of Sakazu, Kurashiki city by Torajiro Kojima and artsits of ARKO (Artist in Residence Kurashiki, Ohara) are displayed together. Theme Exhibition 33 "Lights of Sakazu" Date:2011.May 19 (Thu) - Sep. 4 (Sun) Hours:9.00 - 17.00 Place:Torajiro Kojima Memorial Hall (Ohara Museum of Art Annex) 1-1-15 Chuo Kurashiki City Okayama 〒710-8575 fee:general 1300yen, College students 800yen, students 500yen ] TEL:086-422-0005 086-422-0005 FAX:086-427-3677 URL: E-MAIL:




Walking under Green Leaves

[Date] April 15th Fri. - May 8th Sun. [Opening Hours] 11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Monday) [Place] Art Front Gallery Selection of prints by 20th Centry masters from the set of edition prints "Portfolio Joan Prats 1976-1988", along with canvas and panel paintings by new generation Japanese artisits exhibited in our gallery will be in view. displayed artists: Eduard Chillida, Christo, Joan Hernandez Pijuan, Kenneth Noland, Antoni Tapies, Zuse Mayer,Masumi Nakaoka, Tokuro Sakamoto, Aki Yamamoto, Miyuki Takenaka, Mikiko Hibino, Toshitaka Nishizawa, Katsue Sukenari, Takako Azami