golden week selection

golden week selection


5/2 - 5/6

Current exhibition, "Cut", solo exhibition by Aki Yamamoto will close on Apr. 29 (sun).
During Golden Week, from 2nd May through 6th May, we will present exhibition selected works by the gallery.

Focusing on artists who have held exhibition at Art Front Gallery, such as Aki Yamamoto, Miyuki Takenaka who is preparing for her new works for the coming exhibition held from May 11. CHihiro Kabata's work using mirror which has never been shown in public will also in view. Variety of artworks will be presented including Kana Yoshida who held exhibitions at LIXIL Gallery and Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino. Works by Bunpei Kado and Kouseki Ono will also be presented.

Opening hour is from 11.00 to 19.00 as usual.

image: Kana Yoshida "Walking in the Sky" (detail), paper, crayon, oil pastel, each image 550x910mm, 2011

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